My husband is notoriously hard to buy gifts for, and it frustrates me every time. I remember one year he returned or exchanged every gift I bought him, even the one he picked out himself. Don’t get me wrong, he is awesome and I love him dearly. He is just a bit picky when it comes to gifts, and I’ve never excelled at gift giving. Do you know those people who always choose the perfect thoughtful gift for everyone they know? Yeah, I’m not one of those. I was thrilled for us to have the opportunity to review a wood watch from Jord Watch, because I knew my husband wanted one. The ordering process was so easy, and he loves his watch. Read on to find out more about Jord Watches and exactly what we think about them.
Wood Watch Review

jord watch for men

With stylish designs for men and women, a Jord watch could be the perfect gift for any adult on your list. Jord offers a measuring tool and customizes the fit of your watch to your wrist. If you aren’t able to measure the watch recipient, you can get the watch adjusted after it arrives.

jord wood watch

Jed choose the Delmar model in Dark Sandalwood and Blue Carbon. Blue is definitely his color, so that was an easy choice. He had a hard time choosing the wood, but loves the dark sandalwood now. He gets compliments on the watch every time he wears it, and loves how durable it is for his every day life.

wearing a jord wood watch


Check out the selection of Jord Watches and find the perfect gift for someone on your shopping list (or yourself). Which design do you like the best?

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