we love estate sales, and have had a lot of luck with great finds lately. here’s the big one…
isn’t she lovely?! we had an ikea ektorp couch that was great, but we needed more seating. jed loved the back support of the ektorp, and wasn’t liking anything else. please excuse the ugly rug. it belongs to our landlord and she makes us keep it to “protect the floors”. u.g.l.y. you ain’t got no alibi…
at an estate sale in a ritzy neighborhood, we found this bigger 2×2 ikea ektorp sleeper & storage couch. it is $1200 new, and the people bought it one year ago. they had an extra brand new cover for it worth $200. they wanted $800. we bought it for $600. cash works. we loaded that sucker in the back of the truck, stuck the wicker set up front, and rolled through the ritzy part of town like the beverly hillbillies. it’s ok, i’m from arkansas.
we called a friend to help us move the couches, and he bought our old one on the spot for $300. so, we basically got my dream couch for $300. amazing!
what is your favorite estate sale/thrift store/flea market find? what would you love to find? now i just need some new throw pillows…

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  1. Love the sofa!!! Ahhh that’s beautiful.

    My personal fav thrift store find ever was just about a month ago. My husband and I found this BEAUTIFUL 100+ yr old violin (I play)… needs a little love, but thankfully, my husband has built violins before! He’s so handy. =) So we bought it for $100. Would have been worth tens of thousands… I don’t even know how much. AMAZING. LOVE IT.

    And you got one!!
    Beautiful sofa! What a blessing!
    I just posted about my favorite Curby find, but I think my favorite yard sale find would be a vintage bird cage.
    Did you know that you could layer a more attractive rug over the one the landlord makes you keep?
    (You probable already thought of that).
    I found a $400 Capel rug once at a Salvage yard for $10- maybe this was another favorite find! It was an indoor/outdoor rug, so I scrubbed and washed it in the driveway and had a “brand-new” rug!
    Well, I am so happy for you and the new sofa- you can have more friends over, now, too!
    Blessings to you!

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