first things first. grab a cup of coffee. this is my favorite mug, from our honeymoon in charleston.
until i married jed, and we moved to texas, i had never heard of a breakfast burrito. when he offered to make them one morning, i was confused and doubtful. he cooked them for me, and my life was forever changed. seriously. we eat them at least once a week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. there are a million different ways to make them, but here’s how we do it. put your bacon on first, 2 slices per person. we use lean turkey bacon. we tried the extra lean and it was basically turkey jerky. the lean still has flavor but is better for you than the real stuff. feel free to use the real stuff or even breakfast sausage or chorizo. you can’t go wrong.
the next thing you need are your hashbrowns. we use these fresh, never frozen babies from simply potatoes. they don’t have anything added, and are just less work.
brush olive or canola oil on your pan and then lay out the hashbrowns in a thin layer. we use 3/4 cup per person. cover them and let ’em sit for a bit on medium heat. you will need to flip them once.
grab your eggs next. we use 2 per person (sometimes 3 for boys).
beat those huevos, then add 1/2 cup grated cheese of your choice. we like colby jack. add the egg/cheese mixture to your hashbrowns when they are about done.
breakfast burritos are best on freshly made flour tortillas. it is just science. we are trying to be healthy though, so we are using these tasty wraps.
your bacon should be cooked, so slice it up.
toss the bacon in with everything else, and mix it up.
load it on your wrap or tortilla and you are ready to go.
the only seasoning we use on the burritos is tony chacere’s. it is great on everything, as advertised. you might add salt and pepper to taste.
i like to put a little salsa on mine. jed prefers his without. the choice is yours. sometimes we add refried beans to the mix, and it is never wrong.
enjoy your taste of texas. what is your favorite breakfast food?

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14 Comments on welcome to texas. let’s make breakfast burritos.

  1. I prefer to sleep through breakfast myself ;o) If I am up….all I want is a Diet Coke for breakfast, but for lunch, I might like some french toast. :O) P.s. As a Texan who grew up with these puppies, glad you made it here ‘as fast as you could’ and it looks like you are fitting in nicely. :O)

  2. Yum! I’d have to add some hot sauce. I prefer to eat regular foods for breakfast, rather than oatmeal or cereal. When I was working, people were always picking at me for eating soup or pizza or whatever for breakfast. I don’t know who says you HAVE to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. Anyway, I think I’ll add breakfast burritos to the menu for this week. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, I do LOVE cheese grits though!

  3. Excellent tutorial for the yankees reading! I’m not a big fan of eggs so I like to use chunckier poatoes, beans (either refried or pintos leftover) and lots of cheese, with salsa and/or avocado added. Delicious! Chorizo and egg is my husband’s favorite.

  4. We make breakfast burritos all the time! We use real bacon, because I can get all-natural, certified-humane bacon at my local grocery store. We like to add salsa, sometimes beans, sometimes grilled onions and peppers, and usually a dollop of plain greek yogurt, which we use instead of sour cream because it’s fat-free, but way creamier and better-tasting than real sour cream, plus, thanks to the live and active cultures, it doesn’t go bad in our fridge as often.

  5. We eat breakfast burritos, too, but they are boring compared to yours!
    Plain ol’ egg and cheese. Yawn.
    I can see that you shop at Aldi, too! πŸ™‚
    I think my favorite breakfast food is probably scones and maybe a fat omelette.
    Will have to look for Tony Chacere’s. Wonder if I can find it?
    Thanks for the info on kicking my burritos up a notch!
    ~Blessings to you two lovebirds!

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