hi, my name is becca, and i’m a shopaholic. seriously, i have a problem. i love to partake in a little retail therapy when i’ve had a bad day, or really any day. we’ve been credit card free for a long time now, so that limits my spending. because of the strict budgeting, my new favorite places to shop are marshall’s, ross, and tj maxx. i have to tell you that i found the cutest mexican style dress at marshall’s for only $15.99! it has pockets and is perfection. i haven’t taken a picture yet, but i’m sure i will soon. the only difficulty i have at those stores is the search. i think you have to go in with a few items in mind, otherwise the madness and disorganization will drive you up the wall.

the dress is great, but my favorite thing to search for at those stores is… bras! i fell in love with calvin klein perfect fit bras several years ago, but they are pricy. they run $38-45 retail, and that is just too much. i have found many at marshall’s in the $6.99-$12.99 range. holy monkeys, that is a big discount!

my next mission is to find a new pair of jeans… i’ll let you know how it goes.
what is your favorite search item at discount stores?

5 Comments on frugal friday – confessions of a shopaholic

  1. Why can’t exercise be as therapeutic as shopping?! Ugh! I try with all my might to avoid Target if I’m having a bad day. There is something about that store that just makes me happy and especially when I score some great finds of clearance.

    Holy monkeys… that made me laugh! 🙂

  2. We all love to shop! Now that I have little ones (who HATE shopping!) I do even more shopping online. Seriously almost my entire wardrobe is bought on ebay! The kids too! I’m not fussy about secondhand – in fact I like to recycle. I also love calvin klein bras – haven’t paid full price for one yet – I get (new) ones at serious discounts on ebay!

    Great post! 🙂

  3. When I go to the States, I go to Ross and stock up on XOXO purses. Then I sell them to my Mexican friends 🙂 In Mexico, XOXO stuff costs like 80 or 90 dollars, but I sell them cuter ones for about 30 or 40. Everyone wins 🙂

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