my dresser is a disaster. jewelry and makeup are strewn about, and my jewelry box can’t hold all of my stuff. i know it is a ridiculous problem to have, but it bothers me. i’m sure you’ve seen these lovely cake plate jewelry holders all over blogland. they inspired me to try it for myself. i found 2 brass candle sticks at a garage sale for next to nothing and then started looking for cool plates. i looked everywhere. garage sales, estate sales, target, and then finally the crate and barrel outlet. at the c & b outlet i found 3 beauties for under $10 total. finally, we were ready for action.

seriously, this is not staged. this is my reality.
on the left is the untouched candle stick.
on the right is the sanded version.

we had a little bit of ivory bisque paint left over from a furniture painting project.
we used it to cover the brass for a totally different look.
jed decided he wanted to help,
and i was more than willing to let him.

we used gorilla glue to attach the plates to the candle sticks.
ta-da! here’s the finished product.
now i have to be patient enough to let it dry.
i have a light blue plate on the bottom,
an ivory plate in the middle,
and then one with cobalt blue flowers on the top.
i love it!
now i just have to make something
to hold the jewelry that won’t fit…

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27 Comments on crafty solutions: a new cake plate jewelry holder

  1. thanks for the compliments, y’all!

    desi – it wouldn’t be necessary to sand if you are using spray paint. i was using the leftovers of a can of paint from another project and brush painting. it had a shiny layer of fake brass, so i figured it would be easier to sand it first.

  2. That’s a very cute display! Definitely prettifies your dresser top. Unfortunately it looks like you’re left with the same organization problem.
    All my jewelry is jumbled in a drawer. The earrings are sorted but I have to untangle large knots any time I want to wear a necklace! Good luck with the rest of it!

  3. Love this. I am new to your blog and love your crafts and ideas. Thanks for posting the frugal spa day idea in Dallas. I live in Dallas. Good to meet another DFW crafter! I am so convinced that we all need to get together to meet, share ideas.

  4. Now THAT’S brilliant! Is it crazy that this weekend is the first time I’ve ever used Gorilla Glue? Where have I been in the world? It’s awesome! This would be great to store those giant chunky bracelets that won’t fit in my box! Thanks!

  5. SUPER CUTE project idea!!! 🙂 I love the fact that you used different plates for the project. My jewelry is a mess too. :s

    Thanks for the visit today! I hope you’ll be able to swing by Decorating Dilemmas party this week with a Dilemma OR a Solution. I’m posting it tonight and it will be up until 11 pm tomorrow. 🙂

  6. I have a massive amount of jewelry and I put some lace in a largish frame and then hung all my earrings on it so that I could put the rest of my jewelry in the jewelry box. If you’re not into vintage lace (I’m not) I found some funky black lace at hancocks that I love. Good luck. 🙂 Great idea. 🙂

  7. Becca,
    I need one of these! My jewelry is a hot mess right now! I’d love you to show my readers @ Sugar and Spice this Drab to Fab creation at D2F tomorrow! Hope to see you! I love your ideas 🙂

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