here’s a peek into what i’ve been up to for the last week. i took my high school friends to windy gap in weaverville, north carolina, for a week at young life camp. we guarantee kids that it will be the best week of their lives or their money back. i’ve taken kids to young life and wyldlife camps for the last 11 summers, for a total of 16 best weeks ever. every trip has been special, but this last one was really incredible.

here’s my cabin of girls dressed in our team unis for the volleyball tournament.

laura, whitney, and i giving it our all during the leader tug-o-war.

the horseback ride

view from the horse ride

our group got all dressed up for hillbilly night.

jed and i at the hillbilly night, the “ramp festival”
i love partnering with my husband in ministry.

my girls and i at the top of the mountain hike
the view was a little cloudy, but the hike was awesome.

i’ve missed my calling as a nascar driver.

i just wanted to give you a little insight into my job. i am so blessed to get to hang out with high school and middle school kids and share Jesus with them. we lived in asheville, nc for 3 years, and jed worked at windy gap, so taking kids there felt like going home. we got to see some of the friends that we love and miss, spend time in one of our favorite places in the world, and help our high school friends slow down enough to take a look at the Gospel.

3 Comments on a little taste of young life camp

  1. How fun! And what a beautiful setting!
    We live 45 minutes south of Asheville!
    High school is the age when I needed the Gospel the most, and never got it–praise God for your job–be assured that someday you will hear “Well, done, my good and faithful servant!”
    Hugs to you today, Becca!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures!

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