a few weeks ago i created a cake plate style jewelry holder that i love. it created a problem in that it couldn’t quite contain my jewelry collection. i don’t have anything fancy, but i want to take good care of it and have it organized in such a way that i can use it easily. we had an old bulletin board lying around, so i thought i should put it to good use.

i painted it with the can of antique white we’ve been
trying to finish up for ages. then i bought some blue and white
striped ribbon to cover the ugly edges.

here is the corner of my bedroom.
i think the jewelry bulletin board fits in nicely.
the flower was used on the guest book table at my wedding.
i didn’t know what to do with it after,
and i think it adds a sense of whimsy to the room.

so here we are, slightly more organized,
with everything having a place. much better!
now, on to organizing the craft table…
what’s next on your “need to organize” list?

i’m linking to: toolsareforwomentoo The Girl Creative Keeping It Simple  http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/ Organize and Decorate Everything

11 Comments on jewelry organization – a repurposed bulletin board

  1. Well your jewelry is all organized nicely now! I love your ribbon border, I’m in the process of using ribbon in a similar way on some picture frames! My jewelry is actually about the only thing that is organized in my house! My “need to organize” list is endless..

  2. We really need to organize our guest bed room. It is the first thing on our to do list when we finish grad school. I love the jewelry holder! So creative! It is so nice when everything has its place:)

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