I hate drinking water. If I could get away with it, I would be fine drinking nothing but Diet Coke and coffee. I know I need to drink more water, so I’ve tried to find a way to make it more appealing. I love Crystal Light Peach Tea powder added to my water. Jed makes lemonade by adding lemon juice and Splenda to a glass of water. I love it. I decided to try it with my favorite flavor – key lime. Amazing. I can drink it all day long. It is great without the Splenda too. When we were at the beach in Florida, I used this little recipe to save us from the taste of the tap water. Don’t be insulted, Florida friends. We have some areas of nasty tasting water here in Texas (Frisco – I’m talking to you). We didn’t have to buy bottled water, which saved us a ton of money. So, if you are a fellow water hater, try some limeade or lemonade.

For 24 oz of water (the large Tervis Tumbler size):
add 2 packets of Splenda
2 tbsp of lemon or lime juice

Hydrate or die, people. 🙂

5 Comments on Favorite Things – Key Limeade

  1. We drink loads of water, we are very lucky with our tap water quality in the SW of England 🙂 However I do like the sound of Key Limeade!

  2. I live on coffee, water and unsweetened ice tea. Not the powered instant kind. I have a huge glass jug with a spout I purchased from Pottery Barn and fill that with tea and two sliced lemons. Pop in the fridge and we are good to go!

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