My family has taken a Florida beach vacation almost every year since I was a toddler. We used to go to Destin, but now prefer Navarre Beach. It is a lovely piece of land that is much less crowded and has no traffic. We love it.
This year we almost didn’t go because of the oil spill. We thought that there would be oil everywhere and the beach would be ruined. Thankfully we had a great real estate agent who kept us updated on the real beach conditions, even sending pictures. With her encouragement we decided to go for it.

We saw very little oil and had a amazing week of sand, sun, and fun together. Perfection.

Jed learned how to snorkel and collected so many shells to add to our collection.
Sweet Caroline, our niece, loved her first beach experience. She played in the sand and loved the water.

The water was so calm and clear by the end of the week that the snorkeling was just awesome.
The clean up crews were everywhere, keeping the beach spotless. Their tent was just down the beach from us. You can see it in the left side of the picture above.

This was our incredible house. My parents and their best friends the Filipeks rented it for all of us to enjoy. We are so blessed.

This tent has been through many Short/Filipek beach vacations. It is a lifesaver in the hot Florida sun.

We went crab hunting one night, and it was so much fun. We hadn’t done it in years and had forgotten how much fun it was.

Here we are, the Shorts and Filipeks, now with the addition of the Johnsons and the Ebys. We have been going on vacation together since Sarah and I (the oldest kids in each family) were 4. That year was 1983, my friends. Each family has four kids, and now 2 of those kids have babies of their own. We play on the beach all day, play board games and watch movies, cook fresh seafood every night, and enjoy each others’ company.

Does your family have any vacation traditions?

10 Comments on A Little Oil Doesn’t Scare Us – Our Navarre Beach Vacation

  1. Our vacation tradition is always be at the coast over Memorial Day. It started when my son was born. We ventured over to a very windy part of the Oregon coast when he was 12 days old, and we’ve gone back (not necessarily to the same local) every year!

    Your pictures brought me back to Florida! Thank you for posting them! I especially love the photos of the sandpipers–they are such awesome little birds.

  2. I’m so happy that you posted your beach vacation pics from the GULF COAST!!! Thanks so much for not giving up on us…it means the world to all of us here:) My condo is filling up for the FALL…I’m very blessed!


  3. Beautiful happy photos! We go to P’cola beach nearly as often, since that is where we met & were newlyweds. 🙂 Just went this summer, in fact. Your pictures make me want to go back right now with all this heat. ha!

    And, yes, we went right as the oil spill was hitting the beaches there… but were so surprised at how little “oil spill” was evident for all the hype & media right at that very spot.


  4. Looks like you all had a terrific time! I am wondering if there is a trick to crab hunting now.. Sounds like something we’ll have to try on our next beach vacation. And I’m so glad to see beautiful, healthy beaches!!!

  5. Becca,

    First off, your photography skills are amazing! I especially like the photos of the sandpipers and gulls. Beautiful.
    Like Linda’s comment above, I am thankful you gave an update on the conditions of the Gulf Coast. I don’t trust the media news. They all have their own agenda.
    Family and Friend vacations are a wonderful tradition.

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