Today at church, our pastor shared one of my favorite sermons he has ever preached. It was simple and straightforward and he had us stop to pray several times in the middle. He spoke about a Barna survey on Christians today and how the results of the survey should challenge us. I won’t give you the full run down, but will share just what I got out of it. I haven’t taken the time to write down my other goals for the year yet, but these will be the most important.

– Read the Bible, every day.
– Listen to what it is saying to me.
– Let it shape my life.
– Make a difference in the lives of others.
This may sound overly simple, but based on my past experience they are in fact huge goals. I hope to focus on these and not let busyness run my life. I’m hoping for joy, peace, and contentment this year for our family, and for yours.
What is your spiritual goal this year?

4 Comments on A Different Kind Goal for 2011

  1. Wonderful goals! And yes, not as easy as they seem! True!

    I guess for me….to spend time in prayer each day. Not just a moment, but give some time to the Lord, daily.

    Thank you for posting this and making me think my spiritual goals.

    Happy New Year!


  2. great post! and yes, though these are “simple” things… they are not easy. my goals for this year include some similar ones. help me God! 🙂

    also, wanted to let you know that i mentioned you on my blog yesterday. thought you might want to know. 🙂


  3. wishing you a wonderful 2011. filled with happiness and blessings!
    congrats on your baby ♥ I am on the second, and only due by the end of august – so really just starting. thx for coming by my blog 🙂

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