Last year was a landmark one for our family. We moved again, began the journey to parenthood, and accomplished a number of financial goals. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite frugal and financial posts from 2010. It was fun for me to look over the posts to see how we’ve grown. I hope you enjoy them. Click on a title to check it out.

Dinner at Home
Estate Sale Decorating
Frugal Pregnancy Tips from Friends
Renting vs. Buying a House
This is Dallas – The Dallas Lifestyle
Frugal Date Night
An Ode to Aldi
Cooking with Friends
The Baby Steps – How Dave Ramsey Changed Our Family
This year our financial goals include saving for our baby and our first house.
What are your financial goals for 2011?

4 Comments on Frugal Friday – My Favorite Frugal and Financial Posts of 2010

  1. I love your blog! Our family has just started applying Dave Ramsey’s advice in our life. Now that we have gotten our first baby savings fund, paid off the first small debt and started making and using a budget each month, our goal for 2011 will be paying down our one remaining credit card as fast as we can, and then paying off our loan. I also look forward to finding, and sharing more tips and ideas about frugal living and loking at money differently.

  2. Love love love your blog!! I found you through the Texas Blogging Gals page and I am your newest follower!! I hope you’ll pop over and visit me often!! 🙂

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