Isn’t that little hand amazing?! We were blown away at our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday. Our little Bun was moving around like crazy, waving to us and yawning.
Here you can see the profile. Look at that belly! The doctor said the baby weighs 13 oz, so almost a pound. Bun looks perfect and everything measured just as it should. Woohoo!
These little feet made me melt. I’m not sure why, but I just love them. I can’t wait to see them in person and 20 more weeks (ish). The photo below is of Bun’s face. It is a little harder to decipher, but still cool.
We could have found out Bun’s gender at our appointment, but we have decided to wait. This was a decision we did not arrive at easily. I wanted to find out and Jed did not. There were many negotiations and a list of pros and cons was made. The planner in me is having a hard time with it, just a little bit. We have to call our baby “Bun” instead of his or her name. I worried that I might have trouble bonding. Those fears are gone as I now get to feel Bun moving around on a regular basis. On the other hand, there are a lot of great things about the big surprise. We can get all gender neutral baby stuff so it can be used for future wee ones. We get an amazing surprise, and really how many big surprises are there in life? Come late May or June, we will have a sweet surprise on our hands.

If you’ve had babies, did you find out the gender?
Tell me why or why not.
Please vote on the gender poll (upper right column).

6 Comments on Pregnancy Update – Our Ultrasound Photos and Not Finding Out

  1. With my first child (a girl, who is now 10!), I did not find out the gender, which was fun. However, now that I’m married and my husband and I are expecting our first baby together (daughter is from a previous relationship and I was single), we did find out the gender of this baby, who is due in two months. We’re having a boy! I resisted finding out at first but I’m so glad I did b/c it is totally helping me to feel even more connected to this little guy. Either way, it’s an amazing experience. Congratulations! Have you felt movement? It’s the best! Enjoy your pregnancy . . . it goes by so quickly!

  2. Congrats and what sweet little pics of your “Bun”! My third bun is making his debut next week. We found out the sex this time (a boy) and not with our first two (girls). There are definitely pros and cons to both, but ultimately it is a personal decision. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  3. very cute and well-proportioned baby!!!

    Never been pregnant, but I would have to find out ASAP. I guess my view is that it’s going to be a huge surprise either way (now or 5 – 6 months from now), so i might as well find out now and that way be able to plan. I’d have the plus of a surprise and the plus of planning ahead. That’s just how I see it, but it’s a personal choice.

  4. We have 2 kids – one of each. With our oldest, our daughter, we did not find out. I won that round. I didn’t want to know – my husband did – and since he had a crappy job at the time and they wouldn’t give him the time off to go to the appt. with me, we didn’t find out. Grin.

    Our second child, the boy, again, I didn’t want to know – my husband did. So, my husband had the tech write in on a piece of paper just for him so that he would know and I wouldn’t. Let’s just say I knew we were having a boy before we left the doctor’s office that day! He could NOT keep that secret! Smile.

    It was fun knowing, I guess, but I still prefer not knowing. You’re right, there are just so few true, good surprises in life that it’s worth the wait for!

  5. We did not find out with either of ours, but I had a very strong feeling each time. With Kameron, I just knew it was a boy and with Katalina, I just knew it was a girl. I felt so strong about it that I went out and bought clothing and bedding for each one. There is very little gender neutral in our house. I wanted to know, but Michael didn’t. He really thought I was going to be wrong and have to return all the items I bought. I guess I proved him wrong though!

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