Nutella + Granny Smith Apples = Amazing
I have no idea if this will taste good to normal not pregnant people, but it was life changing for me. Did I dip the apple slice straight in to the jar? Of course. Don’t judge me.
What is your favorite not quite normal snack?
What was your weirdest pregnancy craving?

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  1. Okay, I missed something… I knew I had been pretty bad at keeping up with my normal blog reading lately, but how did I miss that you are pregnant? And 20 weeks at that! Congrats girl, sorry I’m late on the draw! =)

    Let’s see… cravings. Well right now I’m super craving a chocolate chip cookie, but that’s mostly because I just ate one. Is that just me, or do others always crave another as well? And another and another… it never stops… *sigh* lol

  2. Yes, that’ definitely a great combo even when you aren’t pregnant! I have two jars of nutella in my pantry right now- one is the normal size and then I have this ridiculously huge one from Costco. Yum!- Raychel

  3. I have been craving trying Nutella! So, until I can try this I have been craving pb&j and yogurt. I think this baby is craving nutty yumminess right now!

  4. Yep, that sounds good to me and I’m not even close to being pregnant or normal! Enjoy!!!

    The weirdest craving? I was a vegetarian since I was 19 or so. At 35, I became pregnant and craved meat. Anything I could get my hands on. Yes, I ate it. Drippy, greasy burgers were my favorite!!!


  5. LOVE that combination! I am pregnant now (due in March). What’s your due date? I have wanted GRAVY of all things throughout my whole pregnancy and believe it or not, I haven’t gained much weight! Congratulations on your pregnancy. It goes by so quickly and it’s such a blessing!

  6. My daughter (5) loves nutella it’s the only thing she eats in sandwiches, it’s kind of a family joke every morning when I’m making the lunches, me: “so Cyan, what do you want in your sandwiches today?” (already knowing the answer), Cyan: “chocolate!!” (nutella) Lol

    Never tried dipping apple in it tho, actually personally I find nutella a bit too sweet!

    The only craving I had whilst pregnant was one weekend with my first pregnancy I craved milk, drank about 8 pints in a couple of days! I’m actually dairy intolerant and usually have soya, so I got some calcium supplements and no more milk cravings!

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