Please note that Jackson is not normally allowed on the furniture at our house. Up until we got married, he had free run of the house/couch/bed under my watch. Jed put a stop to that and went all Cesar the Dog Whisperer on him. He is much better behaved now. I’m not the world’s best disciplinarian. Despite all of this progress, it has been so cold that we took pity on the wiener and allowed him back on the couch. He promptly settled the pillow to his liking and snuggled under a blanket. He has a tough life. Before you think that we normally force him to lay on the cold, hard, wood floor, I should tell you that he has cushy beds in both the living room and master bedroom. Yep, it is a tough life he leads.

4 Comments on Wiener Dog Wednesday – Snow Day

  1. He looks very happy! We started off not letting our pup on the furniture and that went out the window within a few weeks. Of course he sleeps with us (on my side as I’m falling off the bed)

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