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Baby Laughter is Magical

If you need a laugh today, enjoy this video of Fisher laughing like crazy at our dog Jackson. He did this for about ten minutes before I started filming. What was Jackson doing that was so funny? Most of the time he was just laying in his bed. I wish I could be so easily entertained.

Wiener Dog Wednesday – Snow Day

Please note that Jackson is not normally allowed on the furniture at our house. Up until we got married, he had free run of the house/couch/bed under my watch. Jed put a stop to that and went all Cesar the Dog Whisperer on him. He is much better behaved now. I’m not the world’s best disciplinarian. Despite all of this progress, it has been so cold that we took pity on the wiener and allowed him back on the couch. He promptly settled the pillow to his liking and snuggled under a blanket. He has a tough life. Before you think that we normally force him to lay on the cold, hard, wood floor, I should tell you that he has cushy beds in both the living room and master bedroom. Yep, it is a tough life he leads.

Wiener Dog Wednesday – Winter Woes

Jackson suffers much during the winter. It is not wiener dog weather around here. He wears his horse blanket jacket all the time. I’m not a big proponent of clothing on dogs, but my friend Leslie made matching jackets for Jackson and her wiener dog (Slappy) a few year ago and he absolutely loves it.
The only problem is that his giant Young Life sweatshirt blanket has a tendency to stick to his horse blanket, with pretty hilarious results. He ends up dragging the big blanket around the house until it finally comes lose or we remove it.

He does a lot of mournful staring out the window.

Sometimes he retreats to our master bathroom, because it is the warmest room in the house.
We took him out on the front porch with us to see the snow and he wanted no part of it.
Once the cold front came in, Jackson doesn’t want to go outside unless forced. I thought the snow was lovely, but I’m also several feet higher off the ground than he.

What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

Weiner Dog Wednesday – Relaxation

One of Jackson’s favorite activities is the carpet stretch and roll. It looks like he is having so much fun when he rolls around like crazy. Confession – I tried it once. It was not as fun as it looks, at least for a full grown adult. I’ll stick to yoga.

What do you do to relax and unwind?

weiner dog wednesday – peaceful protest

jackson loves the hot weather. he loves to lay in the sun and be as warm as possible. i, on the other hand, do not. i do not want to sit outside in this heat and humidity because it is over 100 degrees here, and that is unacceptable. this photo above is what happens whenever i try to get him to come inside. he rolls over, looking pitiful, in peaceful protest. eventually i have to lift him up and forcibly make him move. obedience is not his strong suit.