I’m so ready for Baby Bun to arrive, but there are a few things I’ll miss about being pregnant. Here are the top ten.

10)  Sleeping with a giant body pillow
It has become the 3rd person in our marriage and Jed likes to use it as an arm rest.

9)  Asking people to fetch things for me
I told Jed the other day that sometimes getting up or rolling over feels like trying to move a mountain.  I have to make a decision about how much I really want that glass of water or to pick up that thing I dropped.  Now I just ask someone else to get it for me.

8)  Setting the thermostat as I see fit
I have a built in space heater right now.  I am normally cold natured, so much so that I will sleep with a down comforter while Jed has just a sheet.  Now we have totally reversed roles.  Will I go back to normal?

7)  A million craft ideas inspired by pregnancy
Mobiles and onesies and decorating…

6)  Wearing very stretchy, comfy clothes 24/7
Stretchy pants rock and flowy skirts rock.  Let’s be honest, I wear a lot of flowy skirts normally.

5)  Feeling my baby move inside me
I know I will miss this feeling, but I can’t wait to see my sweet baby moving around on the outside.

4)  Constantly asking other people to carry things for me
Usually I just tough it out and tote things myself, but I’ve had to give in and ask for help.  Sometimes I think that 80% of my job is loading and unloading my car for events.  I will definitely miss people helping me all the time.

3)  Preparing daily for motherhood
I’ve read so many books and websites, prayed and discussed, and spent so much time and energy getting ready for Baby Bun.  The preparation and anticipation has been fun, but I’m ready for it to be over.

2)  Giving in to food cravings
Buttered popcorn – yes, please.  Garlic bread – absolutely.  Fresh fruit by the basket full – bring it on.  

1)  Knowing my body creates the perfect home for my baby
It is so comforting knowing that my body cares for my baby perfectly, and I hope I can do so once he/she is born.

What do you miss about pregnancy or another phase in life that has recently passed?

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2 Comments on The Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant

  1. I also miss the asking people to get things for you. My hubs was really good about it, I’d sit down and he’d just hand me a glass of water. After Phinneas was born, I’d be nursing and ask for a glass of water, and he’d kind of forget to get it for me. I’ve teased him that I need to get pregnant again so I could get a glass of water while nursing 😀 That caused a blush and a glass of water to appear really fast!! 😀

    Overall, I think the thing that I miss the most is the protection I knew I was giving my baby. He was tucked in my belly, a climate controlled area where no sickness, no runny nose, no teething, no bumps or bruises could happen. Those little kicks were just for me, no one else could have them.

    But it is so incredible to see him sleeping on my hubby’s chest!

  2. I had to laugh at #8 because my husband has been wearing sweats and a hoodie (with the hood on) around the house. I am SO hot all the time! I can’t say I’ll miss being hot, but I certainly will miss how accommodating hubby is. 🙂

    I haven’t really taken advantage of having people fetch things for me or carry things for me until very recently… I feel like I can barely maneuver myself around at this point, let alone bend down to reach something or carry something heavy up the stairs! I really like how people just offer to help without me having to ask!

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