So, here we are, at our due date and still waiting.  You might be saying, “Becca, it is totally normal to go past your due date.  Chill out.”  True, but there are a few updates I’ve kept out of the blog until now that made me really think this baby was going to be here weeks ago.  Consider this fair warning if you don’t want TMI about my cervix and come back later.  
The picture above was taken at 36 weeks, and I was already 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  My doctor gave me orders to slow down, take it easy, don’t do anything that could cause labor for 2 more weeks.  I tried my best to follow those orders, but also had a huge fundraiser and a ton of other work stuff to do in the meantime.  At 37 weeks I was between 2-3 cm, and at 38 weeks I was at a 3.  I started having real contractions mixed in with Braxton Hicks (wow, there’s a major difference) at 38 weeks.  A few days before I reached 39 weeks, we had a major false alarm.  I had been having pretty powerful contractions all day, and they were anywhere between 4-7 minutes apart.  Because I was already so dilated and had a nightmare about delivering the baby myself the night before, I called the doctor.  She told me to come in to get checked around 8 pm.  We waited a little while longer, then headed to the hospital thinking we might be coming home with a baby.  The strapped me down to the monitors for 3 hours, but I wasn’t progressing at all so they sent us home.  It was awful.  That was 9 days ago.  
My sweet mama couldn’t stand it anymore, so she and my daddy headed here the next morning.  That night I woke up with horrible contractions about 10 minutes apart from about 3:30 am to 5 am.  I didn’t wake anyone up (so nice of me, right?) and just coped by bouncing on the birthing ball, walking around, etc.  I thought that once again, it might be time.  Around 5 am I was able to go back to sleep in between, and woke up 4 hours later like nothing had ever happened.  We spent the rest of the weekend with my parents helping us get stuff done around the house, going on walks twice a day, and eating lots of spicy food.  Still nothing…  
My parents went back home (5 hours away) on Sunday morning, and we went back to waiting.  
This past week was Jed’s last week of teaching, so we were glad to get through it.  He is also in graduate school, so he used this week to get a little ahead.  I’ve had BH contractions all week, and at my 39 week appointment I was between 3-4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  I’ve had several friends tell me that I’m lucky, because they spent hours in hard labor to get to 3-4 cm.  I’m so grateful things are progressing, but I’m just ready for this labor to start in earnest.
I plan to post on Twitter when things get going, so follow along if you’re curious.  To keep yourself entertained in the interim, go HERE and enter to win a $100 giftcard for party and wedding supplies from Ann’s Bridal Bargains.         
How do you keep yourself entertained while waiting for a big, much anticipated event (like labor) to start?  

6 Comments on Pregnancy Update – 40 Weeks

  1. Wow what a trip! No idea how to keep yourself entertained… my sister is going through similar situations right now. She too has had several false alarms, three nights in a row she’s done 13 hours of contractions 6 minutes apart, then they stop and nothing… crazy! Well hang in there, you’ll have your precious bundle of joy soon enough and all of the waiting and anticipation will be oh so worth while! =D

  2. Oh sweetie!! I am so sorry, I know how awful that waiting is! Keep up the slow and steady progress though, your body will appreciate that during labor 🙂 It may feel like forever, but Bun will be here when God wants him/her to make an appearance!

    I’m excited for you! Praying for a beautifully quick labor, and an incredibly amazing and safe delivery for you!!

  3. PRAYING!!!!! so so so excited to see/hear about baby eby when he/she comes! love the way you are letting Him mold you and shape you in the waiting process… you go girl… one of the easier lessons in life with Jesus, right? 🙂 seriously, though… praying!

  4. So, I just saw your post on Twitter and wanted to say Congrats! He is an amazingly handsome young man! Just a warning if you haven’t already figured it out – from another mother of a boy – your heart has just been stolen and will never be the same! Having a child of each sex myself I can truly tell you that the whole “daddy’s girl” “mama’s boy” deal is SO true! My boy is so much more lovey and I do NOT look forward to the day when a young lady steals him away from me!

    However – the other saying “Mother’s hold their childrens hands for a while, their hearts forever” is also true! Welcome to the amazing adventure of Motherhood! You’ll be great!

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