…right!  Our sweet boy, Fisher Scott Eby, was born on Tuesday.  The birth got a little complicated, but he made it here safe and sound.  I’ll tell that story later, after I catch up on some sleep.  He weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 19 inches long at birth.  We are so in love with him and can’t believe he is ours.  I can’t wait to tell you all about him, but it is almost time to feed him so it will have to wait.  Here is a little picture to tide you over.  Isn’t he the sweetest?  He is already fighting his way out of swaddles at 5 days old.  Look at that double chin!  Ok, I can’t stay away any longer, have to get off the computer.  


9 Comments on If you guessed boy, you were…

  1. Oh Becca! Be still my heart! He is absolutely beautiful! Praise God! I’m so happy for you and your husband! Congratulations!!! Soak in every minute! There’s nothing better to do in life anyway!


  2. Oh Becca, he is beyond PERFECT! Breath in that beautiful new baby scent, treasure it close, ponder all these new things in your heart like Mary did!

    Congratulations sweet Momma. I love the name Fisher–it’s perfect for him! Sleep and rest! Congratulations on your new baby BOY!!

  3. Congratulations Becca! Fisher is such a handsome little man! The swaddle didn’t last long on our big boy either, a Miracle Blanket helps, but if he’s strong he’ll get out of it too. Enjoy your blessing.

  4. BECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy for you!
    (And I guessed a girl.)
    Oh, well. Maybe next time? 😉
    You, a mommy. How wonderful! It is the BESTEST job on the WHOLE planet!
    You rest. Plenty of time for housework and other unmentionables later. Trust me, I know 🙂
    Praise God that he brought you a son!
    An heir to heaven.
    Amazing Lord!!
    LOVE Y’all!

  5. OH SHOOT! I was just going through my starred posts in my reader since I had some time to comment tonight… and saw that I hadn’t actually commented on this one yet! Blogger Friend Fail!! 🙁

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Fisher! He is just perfect and I just love the name you chose. (And yes, he is SO sweet. Absolutely.)

    You must be so in love. Hope you’re soaking in EVERY little moment you can. Enjoy these precious early days… and take care of yourself!! (Or let your husband take care of you:)

    Much love. xx

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