I’m working on our birth announcements for Fisher, with a goal of finishing before he reaches 2 months of age. You would think that with him napping 6 times a day it would be easy to knock them out. Not so. I’ve looked at a ton of different designs and debated the expense. I love the one above and have a code for 20 free ones. After that they cost over a dollar each and I have to pay for shipping. Yikes. Is it silly to spend money on birth announcements? I can’t decide. I may print a picture on our home printer instead, or use the code for 50 free prints from Shutterfly. Am I being too cheap? Jed thinks it is a total waste of money, so it comes down to my opinion vs. his. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear some ideas for cheap birth announcements as the sleep deprivation is stunting my creativity.

Hello Green Birth Announcement
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  1. You aren’t being cheap. You are being a cost-conscience consumer. I say DIY with a print out at home, make it a flat print with some card stock for a design. I do think it would have been awesome! to have announcements, but I couldn’t justify spending the money to do it. You could just take him to a store (like wal-mart’s $6-$10 package) with his birth date and information on them. I did that and they were perfect! We even have some that are left over 😀

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