I am in the midst of a postpartum fashion crisis.  I’ve lost 2/3 of the baby weight, but as I was 20 lbs overweight when I got pregnant I still have a long way to go.  In the mean time I need some clothes that actually fit.  Maternity clothes hang off me like a tent, but pre-baby clothes are tight and ill-fitting.  I’m living in wardrobe limbo.  My body has changed a lot because of the pregnancy, c-section, and breastfeeding.  Holler if ya hear me, mamas.

I was watching Stacy and Clinton regulate on “What Not to Wear” and came to the realization that they would be horrified by my current wardrobe.  I am shocked at how quickly I fallen into bad mom clothes.  To add insult to injury, I haven’t had a hair cut in over a year.  Yikes.  Please send help.  I’m trying to see this as an opportunity to start over and buy classic pieces that will last.  Stacy and Clinton gave their pupil a list of basics, so I went to the TLC site to check it out.

The “What Not to Wear” Basics List

  • 1 cocktail dress
  • 4 day dresses – I have 3 summery ones, but nothing for fall.  
  • 1 walking short    I don’t wear shorts.  Yuck.
  • 6 blouses – bought a few cute nursing tops from Gap
  • 2 cardigans – just bought one, a lovely dark teal for fall
  • 1 denim jacket
  • 4-5 assorted camisoles
  • 1 trench coat
  • 2 blazers
  • 1 black peep toe heel
  • 1 red heel
  • 1 ballet flat – got it
  • 1 wedge – I had some rockin’ Toms wedges, but my feet seem to have grown during pregnancy.  Will the injustice never end?
  • 1 sandal – got it 
  • 5 bangles 
  • 5 earrings – got em
  • 5 necklaces – got em, but could use a few new ones
  • 1 clutch – got it
  • 1 everyday bag – got it

I would add a pair of dark, stretchy jeans, a pair of black pants, and a few a line skirts.  What are your fashion basics?  How did you deal with the postpartum body change?  How did you lose the baby weight?

4 Comments on My Postpartum Fashion Crisis

  1. Just a little FYI. You picked the best time to be in “limo” as you call it. TjMaxx and Marshells and Ross all are in Clearance mode. I am also in the “limo” and since I nurse I am looking for tops that I can just slide my baby under on the go. SOOOO. I found the most perfect “Stacy certified” tops for as little as $2 at Marshells!!!! I suggest you RUN and pick some up. 🙂

  2. Oh honey, you are preaching to the choir! I lived in yoga pants for the first 9 months of M’s life 🙂 I would recommend not buying a ton of new clothing {I did get some basics like jeans and such at a local consignment store in dallas} you will lose the weight and just have to keep buying more. The store is in Plano and it’s called Clothes Mentor, they have great deals!

  3. I live in jeans, tanks and zippy hoodies. I’m the worst fashion mom here on the block! Stacey and Clinton would tear my wardrobe apart if they saw it. I think previous posters hit the nail on the head–go for something nursing friendly. I’ve found that layering shirts a basic tank under button up shirt or t-shirt worked great for me because my jelly belly was covered despite having to whip a sister out for Phinneas. And jeans, stretch added is nice, but also having the structure of regular for longevity works great too. I have one go-to pair of delegated “fat” jeans…which I am still wearing on a regular basis-lol-and Phinneas is just shy of a year old!

    But like previous posters suggested, now is a great time to hit up TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls, consignment shops. Pick up basics you can mix with fall accessories, like a cardi, sweater, and boots.

  4. girl. i actually WENT TO COUNSELING (not lying) because i was so frustrated with the body/wardrobe limbo phase. ICK. after said counseling appointment i made a friend do P90X with me three days a week–we more made fun of tony and his crew than work out–but it was still exercise. then brett and i and karis and the dogs braved the ridiculous heat and i walked three days a week with karis in the baby bjorn AND got quality time with the hubs. now karis has just stopped breastfeeding and my body is back to the “new normal”! as for clothes–i got jeans i loved and a couple cute button down shirts that were loose but kinda fitted so i didn’t look like a man 🙂 and that was my staple “dress up” outfit for a while. i also would wear fun earrings with my tshirt and yoga pants around the house because that just made me FEEL better… 🙂

    did you really want that much of a response? 🙂 i guess there it is anyway! love your blog and love hearing about your life!

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