Halloween has come and gone, but I had to share my cute little bear with y’all.  Fisher was asleep before the first trick-or-treaters hit our house, so we had to do a little photo shoot earlier in the evening.  We set him up on a vintage quilt with pumpkins in his little bear suit.  Here are the best things about his costume, besides the obvious cute factor.  
It was free.  
My mama and her bff bought it for Fisher from the Carter’s outlet.  Thanks Mom and Tricia!  
It is a legitimate piece of clothing.  
It is a full suit with feet and a hood, made for real wear, instead of a cheap-o costume made for one time use.  It will be his winter coat until he grows out of it (which may be sooner than I’d hoped).  
It is warm and comfy.  
He loves wearing it.  
I’m hoping we can go this route in the future, wearing real clothes that can useful in daily life as a Halloween costume.  I’ve seen so many DIY costumes that use this kind of practicality across the internet and I think it is genius.  With a few handmade accessories, you can turn an outfit into a costume for a day, then wear it for the rest of the season.  I’ve also heard about great finds at consignment stores and garage sales, since most costumes are worn only once.  
How do you save money on costumes?  

3 Comments on Frugal Friday- Halloween Costumes

  1. This is too cute! I’m hoping when our baby is born (in late April) we will be able to dress him or her in something cute n October, even though they will still be pretty young then!

  2. O.M.Gee! He is adorable!
    I especially LOVE his expression in the third picture!
    He made me giggle, too.
    My Sarah, when she was a baby, had a bunny footie thingy with hood and ears that was her costume/outerwear, too! (I think I got it at a yard sale–are you surprised?)
    I just drew whiskers and a nose on her for Halloween! 😉
    I know you are enjoying Fisher.
    You are blessed. So blessed.

  3. So cute! I love that suit and I’ve seen it in the stores. I ended up buying a dragon fleece suit that was similar for $2 at the thrift store. It’s an everyday outfit too so it will be perfect for winter.

    I love that you do photo shoots with your baby too : )

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