I’ve seen a lot of life lists in various forms around the blog world, and decided to make one of my own.  I’m going in a slightly different direction.  Here for your reading enjoyment is a list of ten things I don’t do.  Were I a famous actress these would all be clauses in my contracts.  
I don’t…
1. keep plants alive
2. iron clothes
3. eat meat that looks like the original animal
4. shower daily
5. text while driving
6. ride ferris wheels
7. watch scary movies
8. enjoy clowns or mascots or costumed theme park characters
9. keep up with the Kardashians
10. wear shorts 
What are a few things you don’t do? 

3 Comments on Ten Things I Don’t Do

  1. haha! I love this! I don’t keep plants alive either. I have a black thumb and won’t even attempt it.

    I don’t:
    drink diet pepsi – only coke
    drive the speed limit (only faster)
    go to movies at the movie theater

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