Today is my Mama’s birthday.  
I am so blessed to have her in my life.
She is my biggest fan,
prayer warrior,
and encourager.
She is a great listener,
wonderful grandmother,
and the perfect shopping buddy.  
I am so thankful she gave my grandmom the surprise of her life all those years ago and became a sweet Valentine’s gift for my grandparents.  My grandmother had 2 teenagers and thought she had hit menopause.  Surprise, a baby was on the way.  What a gift she was to them and to all of her children, and of course to my Daddy.  Thanks for loving us all so well, Mama.  Happy birthday.    

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  1. Becca, those are some sweet words! My eyes are getting a little wet just reading them. And everything you said is so true. You’re a lucky girl to have Debbie Short for a mama!

    Mary (I.)

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