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Eleanor Pearl at One Year


Our darling girl turned one this spring, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. I photographed her each month on a quilt made by my great grandmother, Alice.  The color looks a bit different with changing lighting and effects, but I love how you can see her grow with the pattern of the quilt. Our Ellie Pearl girl is a delight and a challenge and a dream. She is fiesty and full of energy, and a girl who knows her mind. She has no fear and no sense of self preservation. She keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. She is such a gift and blessing to our family, and it is pure joy to be her mama.


Simple and Frugal First Birthday Party Ideas


We like to keep our birthday parties simple and frugal around here, but we always want our kids to feel celebrated on their special day. Obviously they won’t remember their first birthdays, but we have photos for their baby books and traditions to build on. Today I’m sharing a few of our simple and festive birthday party ideas as well as some of the best from my fellow Ultimate Baby bloggers.


A Shared Birthday



One year ago today, labor pains started around 2 in the morning. Around 6 am I woke Jed up and told him he wouldn’t be going to work today because we were having a baby. It was his 32nd birthday. Our Eleanor Pearl was born that afternoon, and now two of my loves forever share a birthday. You can read her full birth story here.  I am so thankful for their lives and their love. In Jed I have a partner who loves me unconditionally and is more to me than I could ever imagine or deserve. We will celebrate 6 years of marriage next Saturday. Our Ellie Pearl is truly a blessing, a gift, and a reward. She brings us pure joy every day and we are so thankful to be her parents.


Fisher Scott (The Bear) at Two Years

Our boy is two! He is a ball of energy, nonstop action, rough and tumble, wild and fun. We are convinced he is a toddler genius, obviously.

The Bear’s Stats at Two Years Old:
34 pounds 6 oounces
35.5 inches tall
95th percentile for weight
70th percentile for height
20 inch head
90th percentile for head size

He loves trucks, tractors, trains, horses, and dogs.  He calls horses “nay nays”.
He loves for Mama or Daddy to read to him.  
His favorite books are Curious George & the 1st Day of School, The Little Blue Truck, Green Eggs and Ham, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and anything about trucks and tractors.   
His favorite shows are Dinosaur Train, Curious George, Handy Manny, and Bob the Builder.  
  He loves playing with his older cousins, his friends, and is super sweet to his little sister.  He loves having his favorite friends over to play as well as going over to their houses.

He can throw, kick, run, and jump with both feet.  He loves to color and paint and stack blocks.  
He recently moved into his big boy room and is learning to sleep in a regular bed.
He just started using the potty chair with limited success.  

His favorite foods are bananas, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, oranges, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.  He recently had his first popsicle and it was a big hit.  He love to drink milk and mommy’s green smoothies.  
He loves to swim wearing his puddlejumper.  He is so brave and loves jumping off the side of the pool to Mama or Daddy, and loves it when Daddy throws him up in the air.
His giggles are pure joy and totally contagious.
He is stubborn and curious and hilarious.
He loves his Dede, Poppy, and Paw Paw, and all his aunts and uncles.
His favorite thing to do is help Daddy work around the house.
We are so proud of our big boy and love him more every day. 

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!

I am so thankful for my husband today and every day.
He loves me so well.
He shows me the love of Jesus.
He takes care of our family.
He is the hardest working man I know.
His blue eyes make me melt.
He is an incredible daddy.
I’m so thankful that my sweet Jed was born 32 years ago today.

Happy Birthday Bear!

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet little boy!
I’m so thankful that you made me a mama one year ago. 
You are the light of my life and am grateful for you every day.  
I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you.
We pray every day that God will mold us into the parents He wants us to be so that we can model His love for you.  We pray that you will be healthy and strong and a man after God’s own heart.  

My Mama

Today is my Mama’s birthday.  
I am so blessed to have her in my life.
She is my biggest fan,
prayer warrior,
and encourager.
She is a great listener,
wonderful grandmother,
and the perfect shopping buddy.  
I am so thankful she gave my grandmom the surprise of her life all those years ago and became a sweet Valentine’s gift for my grandparents.  My grandmother had 2 teenagers and thought she had hit menopause.  Surprise, a baby was on the way.  What a gift she was to them and to all of her children, and of course to my Daddy.  Thanks for loving us all so well, Mama.  Happy birthday.    

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

Thirty years ago today my love was born, and I am so thankful every day.  He is everything I needed and nothing I expected and exactly who the Lord intended for me.  He loves me so well, and I am so blessed to have him in my life.  He is a man of God, kind, loving, faithful, selfless, hard working, and so much more.  I cannot wait to see him hold our baby in about a month.  I know  he will be an amazing father.  I pray that we get to grow very old together and have a long and blessed marriage.  Happy birthday my love.  You are the very best man I know.      

to the one i love….

today is my sweet husband’s birthday. i love him more than i ever thought possible. he is so good to me and loves me so well, because that’s how jesus loves him. he is a godly man who sacrifices his time and energy so that high school kids can know the love of jesus. he is the hardest working person i know, and will make an amazing father when the time is right. i am so thankful for him. happy birthday jed!