I’m really trying to update every two weeks from here on out, so I’ll have it for Mini Bear’s baby book and for the 7 of you who want to know how the pregnancy is going.  You can read my other pregnancy 2.0 updates here, and read all my pregnancy posts here.  

34 Weeks Update
Feeling: Sick – I’ve been fighting a cold/cough scenario for the whole week.  
Wearing: anything that fits, lots of flowy skirts, wide shoes – even my super wide Keens are tight now
It might be time to bust out the old Birkenstocks from college, much to Jed’s horror.  
Weight Gain: not telling, but significantly less than last time
Pregnancy Side Effects: I still have ankles, but my feet are super puffy. I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions all day long.
Belly Button: Still in.  It never popped with Bear so I’m assuming that it won’t this time either.
Craving: Sweets and sushi.  I eat vegetarian sushi while pregnant, but I’m longing for the real stuff.  
Baby: She is head down and has moved down significantly.  Yay, I can breathe again!  She is now over 4 pounds and is about 18 inches long, the size of a small pumpkin, opening and closing her eyes and reacting to light.
Gender: Girl!  (We sure hope that ultrasound was right or we’ll have a lot of pink stuff going to waste.)
Name: We still haven’t decided and are open to suggestions.  
Nursery: We have the paint, but haven’t painted.  Bear will continue to live in there until he is ready to move to a big boy room this summer.  Mini Bear will room with us for the first few months for convenient night time breastfeeding and mommy’s paranoia.  
Preparations: We created our birth plan with our doula, and I’ll share it with y’all soon.  We are trying for a VBAC.  We pretty much have all the necessary items for our sweet girl, with a few more things to check off the list.    
To-Do List: work on decorations for the nursery, make headbands and bows, practice relaxation techniques for labor

When did you start packing your hospital bag? 

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  1. I was thinking of names that start with F or Ph to go with Fisher, and at first I was like, Phoebe! And then I realized. . . Phoebe Eby might be a little mean. :]

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