Woohoo, three pregnancy updates in a row!  We are on a roll, people.  You can read my other pregnancy 2.0 updates here, and read all my pregnancy posts here.  We are now entering the home stretch, and are sooo ready to meet our daughter.  Because we are trying for a VBAC and lots of people have lots of questions about what that entails, we’ll be live tweeting as much as we can during the birth.  You can follow along on Twitter or on the Bare Feet on the Dashboard Facebook page for those updates when labor begins.

36 Weeks Update
Feeling:   Great!  I have lots of energy so far this week, which is a big change.  
Wearing: Muumuus, basically. And sandals.  There is a reason that ladies used to go into “confinement” those last weeks of pregnancy.  It ain’t pretty.  
Weight Gain: not telling, but significantly less than last time
Pregnancy Side Effects: waking up 18 times each night to pee, lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, hip pain, swollen feet and cankles
Belly Button: Still in.  It never popped with Bear so I’m assuming that it won’t this time either.
Craving: raw carrots and Cadbury Eggs 
Baby:  She has officially moved down and is engaged in my pelvis. Her head is putting pressure on my cervix, so it is 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and at the mid position. She weighs about 6 pounds and is fattening up for birth, and is about the size of a bowling ball.   
Gender: Girl!  (We sure hope that ultrasound was right or we’ll have a lot of pink stuff to sell on Craigslist.)
Name: We still haven’t decided and are open to suggestions.  
Nursery: We have the paint, but haven’t painted.  Bear will continue to live in there until he is ready to move to a big boy room this summer.  Mini Bear will room with us for the first few months for convenient night time breastfeeding and mommy’s paranoia.  
Preparations: This week we are packing the bag and preparing the house for her arrival.  Next week I plan to freeze some meals.  Some friends are throwing me a little sprinkle this week, too.  So fun.  We are trying for a VBAC.  
To-Do List: pack hospital bag, prep a changing station for our bedroom, work on decorations for the nursery, make headbands and bows, practice relaxation techniques for labor

What is one thing you wished you had packed/plan to pack in your hospital bag?

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