For the last two weeks I’ve been hard at work switching this little site of mine from the blogger platform over to wordpress.  I’m making the switch tonight after agonizing over the transfer and the design details and a million little things.  If you subscribe by RSS or Bloglovin’, nothing will change for you but it may take a day or two for everything to show up on the new site.  I just want to give a heads up in case you visit and things look wonky.  My site address will not change, you will still find me here at  Thanks for your patience and support.

With this change comes a bit of a refocus of the ole blog.  I hope to bring more frugal living posts, and possibly a frugal living link party hosted with some other thrifty bloggers.  I will tell more of our own story of getting out of debt and living on one income.  As my life now is focused on raising my kids, I’ll more posts about kid activities and family entertainment.  I’ll share stories about our travels and DIY projects (some with tutorials from my handsome handyman husband), as well as my own crafts and creations.  Meal planning is a huge component of our food budget, so I’ll share more about that subject as well.  As always, my own faith is the backbone of everything I do, so I’ll continue to share my quest for Life to the Full in Jesus.  I hope you will continue to visit Bare Feet on the Dashboard as I make this transition.

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