Winter weather combined with high energy toddlers can be a recipe for cabin fever.  The Bear needs to run, so I make little indoor obstacle courses for him on a daily basis.  We run laps around the loop (living room-kitchen-dining room), and climb over pillows and under chairs.


 Lately his favorite has been the over/under/in between course.  I set up one obstacle to go over (a big pillow or toddler chair), one to go under (his slide), and one to go in between (two couch pillows).  As he runs through we yell Over! Under! In Between!, then he goes from the other end and we reverse it.  He LOVES it and will do it over and over again.  The Pearl girl thinks it is hilarious and giggles like crazy watching her big brother.  He is grasping spacial concepts and getting physical activity at the same time.  Everybody wins.


How do you keep your toddlers entertained during the winter?


6 Comments on Toddler School: Learning Over, Under, and In Between with an Indoor Obstacle Course

  1. This is awesome. We do a lot of crafts around here. I guess that’s the difference between a girl and boy! I may set up an obstacle course for Lilleigh just to see what she would do…

    • We love doing crafts too, but he has soooo much energy and it has to come out somehow even when it is freezing outside. When we can’t make it to an indoor playground we go for the obstacle course. 🙂

  2. I love that look on your baby’s face! We do this too and I let them build their own obstackle course too. Ofcourse, they make a lot of mess but they learn.

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