Dining out in Dallas can be both an amazing culinary adventure and a major budget buster.  Fortunately there are many affordable options out there for a lunch or dinner out without sacrificing quality or taste.  Jed and I always say we could eat Tex Mex food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and here in DFW you can do just that.  Read more about our dining out budget here.  Tacos are always a quick and easy crowd pleaser and Dallas has an abundance of fabulous choices from trendy to funky to authentic.  Check out the top ten taco shops where a couple can eat for under $20.
1. Good 2 Go Taco
With humble gas station beginnings, Good 2 Go now has it’s own space at 1146 Peavy Rd near two other fun hot spots {Goodfriend and 20 Feet}.  After developing a cult following for their innovative taco creations and great prices, it’s no surprise that this taco shop is always hopping.  Not only can you get a fabulous breakfast taco for under $5, you can also grab a cup of coffee from the coffee bar. Good 2 Go is closed on Mondays and open from 7 am to 3 pm on other days.   True to it’s name, the food is made fast and fresh and is a great grab and go lunch or breakfast option.  Find Good 2 Go on Facebook here.
Recommendations: Paris, TX, Honey Bear, Hotlanta, and School Daze
2. Super Mercado Mexico
Located at 5535 Columbia Ave, this East Dallas legend serves up authentic Mexican street tacos at an unbeatable price.  Tacos are only $1.25, so self control is a must if you are watching your waistline.  Tacos are ordered at the register and picked up at the counter.  Find Super Mercado Mexico on Facebook.
Recommendations: Pollo, al Pastor, and Barbacoa on the weekends
3.  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a favorite for families and has several locations around the metroplex.  We love to go to Fuzzy’s with the whole family.  Affordable options, delicious queso, and great patios make Fuzzy’s a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Happy hour specials make even the margaritas budget friendly.  The pico and cheese toppings and special sauce give Fuzzy’s baja tacos a unique taste that creates faithful fans.  Find Fuzzy’s on Facebook.

Recommendations: Grilled Fish and Grilled Shrimp Baja Tacos

4. Tacos y Mas
With several Dallas area locations, Tacos y Mas is a taco shop powerhouse with fantastic prices.  Street style tacos are $1.99 and specialty tacos are under $3. Service is fast and the tacos are tasty and a bottle of orange Fanta is the perfect accompaniment to a pair of street tacos. Find Tacos y Mas online.
Recommendations: El Verde, Pescador

5. Taco Joint
Two locations serve this fair city, one on Peak and the other at Mockingbird/Abrams.  Both offer a plethora of taco options at great prices and all recipes are made in house.  Taco Joint recently created a 4 pound monster breakfast option known as the Wonder Joint and is offering a free t-shirt and photo on the Wall of Fame to any diner who can finish the whole thing.  Only one person has done it so far, so take it on if you are up to the challenge.  Find Taco Joint online.
Recommendations: Brisket Taco Combo, The Evan

6. Tacos La Banqueta
If you are looking for authentic Mexico City street tacos, this is your spot.  Don’t let the fact that it is attached to a gas station scare you.  Tacos La Banqueta brings the flavor of the Districto Federal to 7233 Gaston Avenue.  The place is tiny so take your order home or grab it for a picnic at nearby White Rock Lake.  At $1.35 each you can try one of each kind of the wide variety of authentic meat options.
Recommendations: Suadero (brisket), Al Pastor

7. Torchy’s Taco
This Hell themed taco shop is not exactly kid friendly (the word d*mn is written everywhere), but it is wallet and taste bud friendly.  Unique combinations and an extensive bar keep patrons coming back to Torchy’s locations statewide.  Find Torchy’s Tacos online.
Recommendations: The Democrat, Fried Avocado

8. Urban Taco
If you are looking for a date night taco restaurant, Urban Taco is your place.  We love the salsa sampler and the desserts are amazing.  The atmosphere is dark and cozy at night and it really feels upscale without being overpriced.
Find Urban Taco online.
Recommendations: Red Snapper al Mojo, Grilled Ahi Tuna, Salsa Trio

9. ZuZu Fresh-Made Tex-Mex
Open from 11-9 daily, ZuZu is located at 4140 Abrams Rd in Lakewood.  The $1 Super Value Menu and super cheap appetizers make ZuZu a perfect lunch or dinner spot for the whole family.  Stop in for a queso sampler after work and bring home tacos for everyone for under $20. Find ZuZu online.
Recommendations: Crispy Beef Taco, Queso Sampler
10. Rusty Taco, where “tacos are the most important meal of the day” has several locations in DFW with more opening soon.  A festive atmosphere makes Rusty Taco a fun after work stop, but it is also perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the family.  Find Rusty Taco online.
Recommendations: BBQ Brisket Taco, Seasoned Fish Taco
What’s your favorite taco shop in your area?

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