Our girl’s first year is flying by, and here I am late again with another baby update.  Eleanor continues to surprise us with her mobility and curiosity.  She and the Bear have been completely different in almost every one of their milestones.  I think she is just trying to keep up with her big brother.  At nine months she is pulling up and cruising across the furniture.  She is beginning to use a walker to make her way across the floor.


She still has no teeth, but is drooling and chewing on anything and everything in her path.  The Bear got his first tooth at nine months, so this is normal for our babies.  She is curious and fearless.  Outside is her favorite place to be.




She loves to play and is quick to explore all of her brother’s toys.  She loves snuggling with Beary, her lovie and playing with her swaddle doll and chewing on her books.  She is constantly on the move.


I took her to La Lobe to get her ears pierced, and she did so well.  My dad took me to get my ears pierced as a baby, and I have always been so grateful.  Getting them done prior to a year means they won’t mess with them or remember the process, and will have trouble free pierced ears for life.  I highly recommend going to a place like La Lobe where they use a needle instead of a piercing gun.  It is safer and much less traumatic for the ear tissue.  Don’t they look adorable?!



Our darling girl has eyes of the bluest blue and hair that is growing by the day.  It sticks up like a fluffy duckling and looks reddish blonde in the light.  She has the sweetest smile and giggle, but for some reason typically refuses to smile in family photos.


Eleanor had a great check up at nine months and is weighing in at 19.4 pounds and 27 3/4 inches long.  She is in the 69th percentile for weight and 56th for height.  She is still nursing, though not very interested in sitting still for long.  She loves solid food, especially sliced grapes and blueberries and any type of bread.  We will start weaning at 10 months because of my recurrent mastitis.

ellie9monthsballWe are trying to soak up every moment of Ellie Pearl’s babyhood and are so blessed to be her parents.


2 Comments on Eleanor Pearl at Nine Months

  1. She’s so adorable! It’s wonderful that she’s pulling up so soon. My kids were all a year or older before they got teeth. They say the longer it takes the stronger their teeth are. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  2. I’d say you were a smart mommy for doing it early and following your mommy intuition having your daughter’s ears

    There is nothing sweeter and it makes them look so feminine like a little ingénue and cherub with little studs in their ears. We did our daughter early too after consulting with our pediatrician who gave me some encouraging tips how and where to go. She said earlier was best when mommy can care for them and she will just grow up thinking they are a part of her.

    She is now two and is girlie-girl. She loves changing her earrings to match her dresses, but favors pearls like her mommy. I somehow think your little girl will be following her namesake soon wearing pearls too.

    Any moms want our ped’s tips, let me know.


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