Today I’m showing you how to make a super cute tiny turban headband for the little cutie in your life, made from old onesies or t-shirts. These are so simple and quick to make, but I love the way they look and that my daughter’s stained and outgrown clothing can find new life in darling accessories. These require no sewing and can be made in about two minutes, seriously.


Here’s all you need to make these cute headbands:
scissors (sharp for cutting fabric)
old baby t-shirt or onesie with at least a 2 inch stain free strip in the middle
Patterns and stripes are especially cute if they are a similar shade on both sides of the fabric.


Cut a strip out of the middle of the t-shirt or onesie. Knit fabrics are ideal because they are less likely to fray. I like to cut a 2-3 inch strip for each headband, but you can test different widths and see what you like the best.


This is the perfect use for all of those outgrown onesies with stains around the collar, and is so quick and easy. After you cut out your strip, stretch it out using your hands. Then twist it over once, then once more to form the turban style twist shown below. You’re done.  See what I mean about super quick and easy? Find a cute baby to wear it and whip out 20 more while you catch up on Downton Abbey.



Isn’t it the cutest on my Pearl Girl?!  Another bonus is the headbands are super comfy because they are made from soft, worn in fabric. Here’s another fun idea: make one in your size to match your little one. You can also cut the strip and tie a knot to create another style of headband.


What is your favorite way to upcycle old clothes?

19 Comments on Two Minute Tiny Turban Headbands for Baby and Toddler Girls {with Tutorial}

  1. This would be a great article if you had a picture of how you twist the headband. “Twist it over once and then once more” doesn’t help me understand what the heck you do once you’ve cut the middle out of a onesie! Lol.

    • Hey Tiffany! Sorry for the confusion. To explain better, you stretch out the loop of fabric and then twist it in the middle twice. Just turn it over twice to form the turban knot. Then pull the loops (on each end) down to form the headband. So sorry I don’t have a pic. It was tricky twisting and shooting pics at the same time. 😉

    • The best thing I can tell you is don’t over think it. To explain better, you stretch out the loop of fabric and then twist it in the middle twice. Just literally turn it over twice to form the turban knot. Then pull the loops (on each end) down to form the headband. It should make sense when you try it with the fabric in your hands.

    • I think I used 0-3 month onesies, and they still fit her (she’s almost 2). They are VERY stretchy.

  2. lol this took me forever to understand but once I did it I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so easy once you do it but it’s so hard to understand “twisting” it. Super cute though!!!

  3. Hey this was so easy! But any tips for the seams from the sides of the onesie? Its making mine looke “homemade” 🙂

  4. Just made two!!! They look absolutely adorable on my little Lily Ann ??thanks for sharing??

    Also so much more comfortable on there little heads ???

    • Make the strip that you cut (which is a big loop) into an oval shape. Then twist the middle so it is now a figure 8. Twist one more time for a double turn and bring the top and bottom portions of the figure 8 together.
      Or, think of putting your hair into a ponytail using an elastic. You are pulling your hair through the elastic loop, twisting it and bringing your hair through the new loop. With this hair turban, twist twice.
      Hopefully this helps? Seriously, when you do it, you’ll say “Duh!” 🙂

  5. Okay, so this took me much longer than I care to admit to figure out,even after reading through the comments and thinking I understood. Lol
    If I can send pics to help out your tutorial let me know., it’s too hard to to put this into words without pics to go along with.
    It WOULD help to know going in though that this is not a “one & done circular (closed circle ) head band. You’ve gotta twist it into shape each time and slip that looped headband from your hand onto their head.
    ** Unless you’re lazy like me and stick a little hot glue in the turban knot. My baby’s not the biggest fan of having a head band put on, you’ve gotta be quick and have ninja skills. So she didn’t realize anything is there.
    Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you for this idea, it took me a little bit to figure it out but I finally did it reading the comments. Is actually really easy and I think it will be more comfortable for my little girl.

  7. Hi can u possibly send me your tips to my email especially about including Jesus and my kids is lives 8 can’t copy it if its not to much trouble also i love all your ideas

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