Our darling girl turned one this spring, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. I photographed her each month on a quilt made by my great grandmother, Alice.  The color looks a bit different with changing lighting and effects, but I love how you can see her grow with the pattern of the quilt. Our Ellie Pearl girl is a delight and a challenge and a dream. She is fiesty and full of energy, and a girl who knows her mind. She has no fear and no sense of self preservation. She keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. She is such a gift and blessing to our family, and it is pure joy to be her mama.


Look at that sweetness. I can’t even handle it. I cannot believe my baby is now a toddler. At one our Eleanor has four teeth, strawberry blonde hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes like her daddy. She is constantly on the go and loves pushing anything and everything across the floor. She loves to carry her babies and stuffed animals around, and loves reading books. Sometimes she needs a quiet moment and will steal away behind the rocker in her room with a book.  Just like her mama. She makes you earn her smiles, but once you do you might get treated with a special nose crinkle smile. She says Mama and Dada, and has said “yoga” three times when we are doing Mommy and Me Yoga. Namaste.


She is 29 inches long and weighs 20 lbs, 8 oz. She loves bananas and strawberries, pancakes and waffles, and most cheeses. She devours roasted broccoli and carrots, as well as her sneaky veggie smoothies. We are so thankful for our healthy, happy girl.

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