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We had our first ever family movie night with both kids this past weekend, and it was so much fun. As I’ve mentioned before, Disney Planes is the Bear’s current favorite movie. Jed and I had both seen it in bits and pieces, but never sat down to watch the entire thing with him. We prepped the world’s easiest movie snacks that were a huge hit with the whole family, and sat down to enjoy the movie together. Read on to find our tips for a successful family movie night with preschoolers as well as learn how to save big money on the new Disney movie Planes: Fire and Rescue.


Movie night with preschool kids looks different than with older kids. To make it fun for everyone, you will have to embrace the chaos and turn it in to fun. With good night snacks, a fun movie choice, and the right timing, it can be a fabulous family night and become a new tradition. Here are our best tips for hosting a family movie night with your little ones.


  1. Time it right. Our kids usually go to bed at 7 pm. If waited til after dinner to start a movie, it would be a disaster ending with weeping and gnashing of teeth. We have “movie night” from 4:30/5-6/6:30 pm. Yep, you read that right. Everyone is in a great mood after their afternoon naps and ready for a snack and quality time with the family.
  2. Keep it moving. Preschool kids are not known for their ability to sit still for long periods of time. To keep everyone entertained we all get up and dance whenever the movie plays fun music, we soar like airplanes, we race with the characters, etc. We play while we watch.#goodnightsnack#shop#cbiasmovienightsnackscereal
  3. Keep the snacks simple. Our family loves Kellogg’s cereal, so I served it dry in cute little bowls with cups of milk for the kids to drink. Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes were such a quick and easy snack to serve, and everyone loved them. I won’t judge you if you throw in some fruit and call it dinner.
  4. Choose a movie you already love. My kids are loud and excitable and I just have to know when we watch a movie together I’m going to miss important plot points. Embrace it. They won’t want to snuggle you on the couch and sing together at the top of your lungs forever.


If your family loves Disney movies as much as we do, I know you are looking forward to Planes: Fire and Rescue. The movie hits theaters July 18th, and you can grab serious savings with specially marked packages of Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, and Corn Pops in the cereal aisle at Walmart. Each box has 5 great offers including $7.50 off movie tickets!!

What is your favorite movie snack?


2 Comments on Our Family Movie Night Tips with Kellogg’s Cereal Snacks #goodnightsnack #cbias

  1. I love the tips – it was always so hard to get through any movie when my kids were small. We should have done the “afternoon” movie instead. Makes so much more sense. #client

  2. My littles are pretty good about sitting through movies at home, especially if I give them yummy snacks like this. The theatre is a whole different story, though!

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