Welcome to the #BareFeetontheBeach blog series! Today is the first in a series of beach themed posts I’ll be sharing while we make our way across the country toward our own beach vacation. Follow along on Instagram as I share our road trip adventures. We love to play outside all year round, but after a scare with precancerous moles a few years ago I’ve become more proactive about sun safety. My darling daughter has the fairest skin around, so I know I’ll have to be extra vigilent with her all summer and especially on our beach trip.  When I saw the zipper swimwear created by SwimZip on Shark Tank, I knew the company had a genius idea. How many of you have ever wrestled a kid in to or out of a wet swim suit or rash guard? *Raises hand* It is ridiculously frustrating, as is lathering every inch of your wee ones with sunscreen only to have it come off as soon as they get wet. I reached out to Betsy (the head mompreneur) to review SwimZip UV Swimwear, and I’ll share our full review below.




The lovely folks at SwimZip sent us a toddler rash guard and matching swimsuit for the Pearl Girl, a kids rash guard and matching swimsuit for the Bear, and an adult rash guard for me to try. We are obsessed. The swimwear has a UPF protection of 50+, and they are super cute on both kids. Jed I both have zero complaints about SwimZip, and there isn’t one thing we would change. The price is more expensive that your average big box store swimwear, but we love supporting family run small businesses and it sometimes costs a little more to do so. I feel like SwimZip is still a great bargain for the quality and craftsmanship you are getting.


Why choose SwimZip?

  • zipper rash guard make it super easy to get on and off, even while wet
  • UPF 50+ protection for sun safety
  • super cute designs
  • swimwear sets (zipper rash guard and swim bottoms) range from $19.99-29.99 for kids
  • quality materials
  • holds up to toddler and kid play
  • no more wrestling wet swimwear off your kids
  • cloth swim diapers fit underneath
  • two pieces make diaper changes and potty breaks painless
  • rash guards help kids stay sun safe and protect skin while playing outdoors


The part I love the best as a parent is the ease of use. The easy on and easy off UV protection is genius – zipper rash guards make it so easy to get them on and off our wiggly kids. There is no worry that I missed a spot on their back or shoulders or tummy as they tried to fight their way toward the kiddie pool. I know their sweet skin is protected and I can feel good about them playing outside in their SwimZip swimwear.


We honestly have not worn any other swimwear all summer long, even though we have other options. At camp Jed was swimming with the kids without me a lot, and he raved about how much easier the zipper rash guards are to get on and off the kids, and how much easier they make sun protection. Our SwimZip suits take a beating in the kiddie pool and in the backyard without fading or piling. They dry quickly and are ready to go again. We will take them to the beach soon, so I’ll keep you posted on their performance.


Just look at that sweet little tutu on my Pearl Girl. Head over to SwimZip and take a look at their line. Not only do they carry super cute zipper rash guard swimwear for babies, toddlers, and kids, they also have swimwear for adults, UV protective swim coverups, sun hats, and more. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Be sure to come back later this week for our #BareFeetontheBeach series.


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