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We are always looking for ways to organize and simplify life around here, and I love a good deal. When I heard that T-Mobile was offering free data for life on the connected Trio AXS 7.85″ 4G Tablet I knew I had to check it out. T-Mobile 4G has excellent service in our area, so the kids and I headed to Walmart to get the scoop. I’m sharing the details with as well as 10 ways a tablet can help you organize and simplify.

#tablettrio #shop #cbias free data for life walmart

1) Everything in it’s place and everything in ONE place. Everything you do online is now accessible wherever you are with no fear of data overages. Online banking, shopping, music streaming, files, photos, all of it can be kept in one place on a tablet small enough to take anywhere and big enough to be easily read that is competitively priced at only $179. With T-Mobile free data for life, users enjoy 200 MB of free data every month for the life of the product.

2) Have access to your online information without worrying about finding free wifi.  Waiting in line at the DMV or after school pick up line? Get work done or cross items off your to do list without worrying about using up too much data.

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3) Keep and share all your documents in Google Drive. I LOVE Google Drive and having access to it on a format large enough to read on the go is HUGE for keeping projects and collaborations organized. Keep a meal plan file and grocery check list and share with friends and family easily.

4) Take high quality photos and store them instantly. With a fantastic camera and instant storage, you won’t miss a moment and can share easily.

5) Pick up right where you left off in your latest book. The Trio is light and easy to read from, so taking books wherever you want to go just became a lot easier. No more turned down pages or missplaced books.

#tablettrio #shop #cbias organize simplify free data tablet

6) Stay in touch with friends and family over social media. With apps for social media platforms easily accessible, you can share with friends and keep up with loved ones.

7) Sync all the family calendars and share them. The best way to get everyone on the same page? Calendar sharing. You’ll always know what’s on the schedule when everyone syncs their calendars through Google.

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8) Watch movies, tv shows, and videos. We love our video streaming programs at home, and can now access our accounts on our tablet as well. This makes for great entertainment while traveling, waiting, or any time.

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9) Entertain and educate the kids with fun apps. All of our favorite apps are available on the Trio, so I can pick and choose what I allow the kids to use and help them to learn and play with technology.

10) Stream your music for and outdoor picnic or wherever you are. Music adds to the atmosphere wherever you are, but data fees while streaming music on 4G can be budget busters. With free data for life those worries go out the window. T-Mobile sends a message when your free data for the month is almost out and you can opt in to buy more or wait til the next month to get more free. Simple and easy.

#tablettrio #shop #cbias free data for life picnic

How do use technology to organize and simplify?

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