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We are so ready for the start of football season around here. As a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan transplanted in Texas, I try to make sure my team spirit shines through on game day. When it comes to snacks for a tailgating party or watch party, I love to keep it simple so I get to enjoy the game with everyone else. Today I’ll show you how to create game day parfaits and a parfait station for your guests with fresh fruit, yogurt, and Jell-O Jigglers team spirit molds.

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#teamjello #shop #cbias team spirit jello molds

How cute are these little razorback molds? Don’t worry, they have lots of different team mascots available just in time for football season. Head to to find the Jell-O Jigglers team spirit molds to add extra fun to your game day food. They are reusable and can make so many things mascot shaped. I created fruit snack jigglers and frozen greek yogurt bites with my molds, and can’t wait to try with pudding and other fun fillers.

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one pint of yogurt ( I used vanilla Greek yogurt).

2 boxes of Jell-O in your choice of flavor

fresh fruit of your choice  – I used strawberries primarily because they match my team’s colors. You’ll need 1/4 cup per box of Jell-O plus about 1/2 cup for each parfait.

mason jars or cute team spirit cups

In the South, the start of football season is still in heat of summer so cool treats are appreciated during watch parties. A parfait station adds serious party flair and is SUPER easy to do with very little prep. First, follow the directions on the box to make Jell-O Jigglers.  Everything else (minus the yogurt bites) can be thrown in your ice chest to set up at your tailgate or thrown together just before your watch party begins.

#teamjello #shop #cbias jigglers with fruit

I wanted to turn my Jigglers in to fruit snacks, so I added a quarter cup of chopped fresh strawberries per box of Jell-O in to my molds. Just drop your fruit in to the molds after you fill them with Jell-O. To create my frozen Greek yogurt bites, I filled the other mold (the kit comes with 2) with vanilla Greek yogurt and stuck it in the freezer. They were ready to go in less than 2 hoursand so delicious.

#teamjello #shop #cbias jiggler fruit snacks

I also created a pan of Jell-O Jigglers to add as a layer to our parfaits, and added fresh strawberries to it as well. After they solidified (3-4 hours), you are ready to set up your parfait station. Chop up your pan of Jigglers (not the ones in the spirit mold).

#teamjello #shop #cbias parfait jigglers

Set up your parfait station with chopped Jell-O jigglers, vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit of your choice, and your Jell-O and frozen yogurt representations of your team mascot. Granola or chocolate chips would also be fun additions, as well as any other treats that go with your team colors.

#teamjello #shop #cbias game day yogurt parfaits

Here you can see two variations of parfaits with Jell-O Jiggler fruit snacks and the frozen yogurt razorbacks on top. Both were so tasty!

#teamjello #cbias #shop game day parfait mason jar


How cute is this razorback parfait in a mini mason jar? I just love it.

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