4 Simple Ways to Use your #FireHDKidsEdition Tablet

We are a few months in to our home preschool journey, and are always looking for new tools for learning at home. When I had the opportunity to review the new Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet I knew it could be a great fit for our family. Today I’m sharing four ways you can use the tablet to help your kids learn, play, and grow as well as how the Kids Edition Tablet works for us. Read on to find out more and learn how to get a FREE year of Amazon Free Time for your family.

Playing with the #FireHDKidsEdition 1) Reading – The Fire HD Kids Edition comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited so your child’s library expands by thousands of books. Did I mention these books won’t take up space in your house or have a library late fee? You help your child select the books they want to read and you download them to the tablet FREE. We’ve added so many new favorites. Many of them come with option of narration, perfect for travel. I love that his literary world is now limitless. We try to read with each kid for at least 20 minutes a day, so it is fun to have more choices for reading time.

Learning phonics with the Amazon #FireHDKidsEdition tablet

2) Educational Apps – We are working on the alphabet for preschool, and I’ve found several fabulous apps that are perfect for the Bear’s skill level to help him work on letters and sounds. No matter your child’s ability level you can find great apps to augment their learning.

3) Movement & Music – Use the free music through Amazon to set the score for activities or have an indoor dance party to get your kids moving. The free playlists make it easy to choose fun music that’s FREE to get the whole family up and moving. Set up an indoor obstacle course with action movie music playing in the background.

4) Rules & Boundaries – We’ve set screen time limits with the Bear and are using the tablet as a tool to teach him about the rules and boundaries. He has his own account with his apps and books, and is allowed to use them for a set time each day. I guide him and work with him to help him understand how and when to use the device. We never let kids use any device unsupervised. Amazon FreeTime allows you to set screen time limits, parental controls, and educational goals tailored to each user. Set up an account for each member of your family complete with passcodes so that your kids can’t open your books and movies. After all, the Fire HD is a full tablet with a gorgeous HD display, front and rear facing cameras, and Dolby Digital audio, perfect for your entertainment as well as your child’s.

4 Simple Ways to use the Amazon #FireHDKidsEdition table to help kids learn play growWhat else sets the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition apart? The Kids Edition tablet comes with the first ever 2 year worry free guarantee. If anything happens you can send the device back and Amazon will replace it with no questions asked. That is AMAZING. My kids are wild things and nothing is safe or sacred around them. We referred to the Pearl Girl as Baby Godzilla for the way she would stomp a path of destruction like the mythical creature. Having a worry free guarantee on this tablet is priceless.  The Kids Edition tablet even comes with a really fun kid-proof case (choose green, blue, or pink) to help protect it. The Fire HD Kids Edition is priced at $149 for a 6″ tablet and $189 for a 7″ and makes a great holiday gift.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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