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Five Tips to Help You Feel Better and Stay Sane When Your Family is Sick #DripDropHydratesThe winter sickness season is the worst. My family passed around one illness or another from the day after Christmas until the last week in January. *Fingers crossed* I’m praying we are done being sick, because I am OVER it. We’ve had colds, the stomach virus, pink eye, and a minor dose of the flu, as well as the never ending cough that sounds like my kids are tiny coal miners. You know the drill – one person starts showing symptoms and the roulette wheel spins to see who comes down with it next. I love my husband more than life itself, but when he gets sick it is way worse than the kids. I asked my mama friends for their best tips, and added my best advice to help you battle the crud. After the month long war on illness we’ve waged, I’m sharing five tips to help you and your family feel better and help you stay sane when your family is sick.

Tips to Feel Better and Stay Sane When Your Family is Sick1) Honey soothes a savage throat and quiets coughing. Getting kids to choke down cough medicine is like trying to wrestle an angry wolverine in to submission. Amazingly, honey works just as well to soothe sore throats and stop coughing. We give our kids a teaspoon full before naps and bed time when they are sick, or whenever a coughing fit strikes. It really helps and they love it.

Tips to Help You Feel Better and Stay Sane When Your Family is Sick2) Steam it out. This old fashion method really does help. Shut the bathroom door, turn on the faucet as hot as you can get it, and have story time in the bathroom. The steam helps clear out the respiratory system and stop coughing. Bonus – you get a steam facial at the same time.

#DripDropHydrates when you are sick3) Stay hydrated. What does the doctor tell you almost every time you take your kids? It is just a virus. Make sure they get plenty of rest and keep them hydrated. Sure doc, you try to make a grumpy toddler drink that sippy cup full of water. It really is serious business – dehydration is a killer and kids can dehydrate very quickly. This winter we are using DripDrop, a medical grade Oral Rehydration Solution safe for anyone over the age of 1, to help keep us hydrated. You can find it in the baby aisle at CVS. It tastes great and hydrates 34% better than water and has 2-3x the electrolytes of sports drinks and no caffeine. Print off this $1 off coupon to save on DripDrop at CVS from 1/25/15-2/21/15 while supplies last.

Encourage quiet activities when kids are sick4) Be patient. My instinct is to jump back in to life as soon as we start to feel better, and it always comes back to bite me. I dragged my poor recovering kids to a local bounce house establishment because they seemed better and I was desperate to get out of the house. Guess whose kids were hacking and out of breath the whole time, then took 4 hour naps? Mom of the year, over here. Poor babies. I keep learning the hard way that I have to give us all time to get better and take it easy when we’re on the road to recovery. Encourage quiet activities like block building, coloring, and sticker books while kids (and you) recover.

Snuggling and reading with a sick baby
5) Let it go.
 Banish that guilt. It isn’t your fault they are sick. You can’t magically make them feel better no matter how badly you want to. It is ok if the only thing that makes them feel better is snuggling with you for a Curious George marathon. Throwing the meal plan out the window while you care for your sick family is totally fine. Escaping to Target on your own might be necessary. Screen time rules go out the window. Paying someone to clean around your sad carcass while you recover is encouraged if you can afford it. Napping while your kids nap is a must. You are a good parent who is doing the best they can to care for a sick family and yourself.

How do you help your family feel better and stay sane yourself when your family is sick?

staying sane when your family is sick




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