Rainbow Resist Art Painting for PreschoolersIn our home preschool activities we often focus on colors and letters. The Bear (3.5) knows all the basic colors and can identify most of his letters. We started working on color order and learning the rainbow. We sing a song from Mickey Mouse Club House that puts the colors in rainbow order, and I thought it would be fun to make a rainbow resist art painting in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I’m hosting the Creative Activities for Kids Monthly Blog Hop here on Bare Feet on the Dashboard. You can see the full collection of monthly themed posts from my fellow Kid Blogger Network writers on the series page here, and check out all the other rainbow and St. Patrick’s Day activities at the bottom of this post.

Preschool Rainbow Resist Art PaintingTape resist paintings are really fun with little kids because they can get crazy with their paint and still have a fun, clear result when they pull away the tape. I made a letter “F” with masking tape because I’m teaching him the letters of his name. We sang our rainbow song and he picked out the first color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple… we won’t mess with the whole indigo/violet bit for a while.

Apply tape in your desired shape before painting

Rainbow Resist Art Painting for Preschool

Creating Rainbow Resist Art Paintings with PreschoolersHe painted each color in order, but I didn’t try to make him stay within lines or in a specific pattern. The process is the point. He practiced his colors, practiced the order, and created a fun painting. After the paint dried, he removed the tape and was so proud of his creation. That makes this activity a win in my book. Skills were practiced, creativity was encouraged, and he made something he loves. For more St. Patrick’s Day preschool fun, check out these leprechaun approved preschool activities.

How do you encourage creativity in your kids?

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