Simple DIY Bathroom Update  - removing wallpaper, texturing walls, painting, DIY Utility Box Shelf

Just before Christmas we began a very basic DIY bathroom update in our kids’ and guest bathroom. Layers of wallpaper were peeling off the walls, and it was time for an upgrade. We had a VERY small budget for this project so we kept it very simple. Today I’m sharing the basics of our upgrade from the paint to the scent decor, and I’ll share a tutorial on our DIY utility box shelf soon.

Below you can see what we were dealing with in our bathroom. Nasty old wallpaper and dark textured walls made for a seriously ugly combination. We decided to go neutral with our palette so we could easily change the decor in the future. If that crazy floral wallpaper had still been on top I *might* have kept it. Oh well.

Before the Update - Bathroom Wall

Jed removed the wallpaper, and had to scrape off layers of glue. It was pretty gross. Any time you are house hunting and the agent tells you how easy it is to change out wallpaper call them a liar. To their face. Because the lower walls were already textured, we took the easy route and just added texture to the upper walls. Jed textured the entire wall with mud to get a more uniform look and cover up the wallpaper damage. Seriously, wallpaper is the devil.

New Bathroom DecorHe primed and painted, then re-hung our hardware and replaced the outlets with white ones. We didn’t have room in the budget to replace the vanity or countertop, so we just painted the vanity white. The paintings were done by my dear friend Crystal and originally were in the Bear’s gender neutral nursery. I love that they clearly make it a fun kids’ bathroom without being too over the top.

Simple Bathroom Update

The biggest fiasco we had during this update was the toilet. When we moved the old one to paint, we discovered that it was basically disintegrating under us. Time for a new potty. We opted for the low flow dual flush model and it is awesome and more eco-friendly. We painted the trim and doors white to match the vanity and kept our old shower curtain. We added a curved shower rod to give extra room in the shower – a major upgrade for very cheap. Jed built a box shelf for storage and decoration to sit above the toilet. It is my new favorite thing in the bathroom. I’ll share a tutorial soon.

Utility Box Shelf for Bathroom with #ScentDecor

The box shelf is SO perfect for storing everything we need for bath time with the kids plus towels for guests and scent decor from P & G Unstopables to make every bathroom stop a pleasant experience. Iconic interior designer Nate Berkus believes and recommends scent decor because he says, “It’s one of the most elegant, and easiest, ways to up the ante in any space. It’s a lot of impact for not a lot of money.”

Unstopables Scent Decor in Bathroom

Unstopables is a new, crave-worthy collection of air, home and fabric care products that delivers rich, long-lasting and beautifully scented experiences perfect for upgrading your family’s home and wardrobe.

The Full Line of Unstopables #ScentDecorWith candles, fabric refreshers, air refreshers, scented oil and warmers, and in-wash scent boosters available in Fresh, Lush, and Shimmer scents, you can find the perfect fragrance to upgrade your home.

Our Simple DIY Bathroom Update #ScentDecor #Unstopables

How do you upgrade your home on a budget?


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