Frugal Living Tips Getting Rid of Cable without Losing TV EntertainmentWe got rid of cable television over two years, and quite honestly we don’t miss it. We were paying over $100 a month for so many channels we could never watch. When we sat down and looked at our budget we knew something had to give so that I could quit my job and stay home with the kids. Cable was first on the chopping block. We found three easy ways to keep our tv entertainment while cutting cable, and I’m sharing them with you today as part of the Fabulously Frugal Link Party. Link up your latest frugal post below and hop around to visit the others to find so many great ideas.

Getting rid of cable can be a sacrifice, but it is so worth it if you are working towards financial goals. I mentioned it as one of the steps you can take to build a mini emergency fund, and it was something we had to do to get our budget in order to go down to one income. We didn’t want to miss out on our favorite shows, so we’ve budgeted in some cheaper options and we don’t miss cable AT ALL. Here’s what we did…

We purchased a Roku. There are ton of different streaming media players out there, but we found Roku had the most bang for our buck. You can get one for less than $50 and it comes with tons of apps to stream tv and movies.

We joined Hulu Plus for $7.99 per month. We were paying over $100 per month, so $7.99 is much more doable. Hulu has most of our favorite network shows the day after they come on. You can try Hulu Plus for free for two weeks here.

We joined Amazon Prime for $99 a year. We love the free 2 day shipping that comes with it on millions of Amazon items, and use it all the time to save money on shopping. Amazon Prime comes with a streaming service for tv and movies that is truly fabulous. All of our at home movie night dates are courtesy of our prime streaming service, plus they have tons of shows from the premium networks. You can join Amazon Prime and watch over 40,000 movies and get a 30 day FREE trial to see if you like it.

How do you save money on entertainment?

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Now on to the party… My favorite post from last week was this fantastic DIY Faux Succulent Letter from the FruGirls over at FrugElegance. Great work ladies! Link up your latest frugal post below.

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  1. That’s what we have, but we added Netflix as well. Lately some of the cable networks have been adding Roku channels and streaming their shows for free or having to link with cable provider. Well hubby mom has Direct TV and will never get rid of it so we linked with hers so we can watch the new shows. Best of both worlds.

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