Name Recognition and Writing Practice with Sidewalk ChalkWe work on lots of preschool skills at home with our kids, all while having fun. Our almost four year old loves to learn through play, so I try to make our home preschool activities an exciting adventure rather than boring and stiff. We’ve worked on pre-writing skills all year and it has been really fun to see his handwriting skills develop. Lately we’ve been doing preschool name recognition activities to tie in with the writing practice so that soon he will be able to write his own name. We love to play with sidewalk chalk outside, so I combined the skills practice with play to help him learn to recognize his name and practice writing it.

I wrote his name in large uppercase letters and he said them as I write them. Then I asked him to pick a piece of chalk and trace the letters to make his name. He did it several times, spelling his name as he went. Then he moved on to draw a rainbow. Easy as pie.

Writing Practice and Name Recognition for Preschool Kids with Sidewalk ChalkFor more fun ideas for writing practice and name recognition, visit the Name Recognition and Writing Series over at Preschool Powol Packets. How do you make skill practice fun with your kids?

Name Recognition Writing Series

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