5 Simple Strategies to Help Kids Conquer Bed WettingIt isn’t fun to talk about, but bed wetting can be such a frustrating struggle for kids and their caregivers. Our son was potty trained for months, with no accidents during naps or a night when all of a sudden he started wetting the bed again. It was so hard not to get mad and frustrated when we were changing the sheets AGAIN after months of dry nights. When I learned that enuresis (bed wetting) is normal for kids long after the potty training years, I realized we needed to develop a few strategies to make sure we were all getting good sleep and help us conquer bed wetting.

31929_4_Underjams_Tool_Kit_Type_C3--030315--TH-01Five Simple Strategies to Help Kids Conquer Bed Wetting

1) Limit beverages after dinner. This was far more difficult than I anticipated, mostly because my sweet husband always wakes up thirsty and was so afraid the Bear would do the same. Our son slept with a water bottle by his bed and would drink it at night. No wonder he was having so many accidents. If he wants a drink before bed, that’s fine, but we no longer let him take his water bottle to bed.

2) Give kids the freedom to go. Because we didn’t trust him to not roam around the house at night causing mischief, for a long time we had the Bear call for us if he needed to get up. This totally backfired because if he did wake up to go he would have an accident before we could get him to the potty. We finally taught him to get up and go on his own, convincing him (and ourselves) that it was fine. We leave the bathroom light on so he isn’t afraid, and he does a great job getting there when he wakes up in time.

Strategies to Help Kids Conquer Bed Wetting3) Give kids protection. Our son had been sleeping in his big boy underwear for months, so he did NOT want to wear a diaper at night again. After trying several options that failed miserably, we found Pampers Underjams at Walmart and they were exactly what we needed. They function and feel more like underwear, have powerful night wear leakage protection, and won’t show under pajamas for bigger kids who might be embarrassed at sleepovers. Because enuresis is common for older kids too, Underjams are sized to fit kids up to 85 pounds. We love knowing that even if he does have an accident, we won’t have to change his pajamas or sheets in the middle of the night.

4) Try natural remedies. Make sure your child is eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. Give plenty of water during the day instead of juice or soft drinks. Watered down pure cranberry juice can help with urinary tract health. I’ve heard of parents having success with using a few drops of cypress essential oil with a carrier oil rubbed on the child’s abdomen for bed wetting, but haven’t tried it yet.

5) Be gentle and patient. Your child is not in control of their bladder and it isn’t their fault. Bed wetting can be a major blow to self esteem and can make kids feel limited socially. Reassure them that they will grow out of it and it isn’t their fault. When they wake up dry, celebrate with them. Help them to conquer bed wetting with love, encouragement, and patience.

Five Simple Strategies to Help Kids Conquer Bed WettingWhat strategies do you use to help your kids #ConquerBedWetting? Download this free book for kids about Sal the Sasquatch and how he conquers bed wetting.

*This post was sponsored by Pampers Underjams and Acorn Influence Company, but all opinions are my own.

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