Ideas for Glow in the Dark Fun for Indoor PlayGlow in the dark activities are REALLY fun for kids (and you), but they are SUPER difficult to photograph. I tried, really I did, but nothing worked out. So, I’m sharing a few fun ideas for glow in the dark fun with your kids for those hot or rainy days when you need to play indoors and you’ll have to use your imagination to picture them. Thanks for understanding. These are ideas are simple, but will provide endless fun for your family. Be sure to check out the rest of the A to Z Rainy Day Activities Series at Something 2 Offer for more fun indoor play ideas. 

Three Easy Ideas for Glow in the Dark Fun

  1. Glow in the Dark Dance Party – We grab a few glow sticks from the dollar store, a flashlight, and sometimes even the kids’ light up toothbrushes for a glow in the dark dance party. We turn on music, turn out the lights, and giggle and dance like crazy. My kids think this is the greatest thing ever. And it is SO easy to do.
  2. Disco Bath – This idea comes from my friend Crystal, who is my mentor when it comes to being a fun and creative mom. Grab a few glow sticks, glow toys, and some glow in the dark soap paint. Turn on fun music and run the bath. Bring the kids in and tell them it is time for a Disco Bath. Turn off the lights after they get in and let them splash and play with the glow sticks. Bonus points if you add an actual disco ball. This is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.
  3. Flashlight Play Time – My husband is a collector of flashlights, so they kids think it is super fun when they get to play with Daddy’s toys. We grab a few flashlights, head to our master bathroom (because it is windowless), turn out the lights and turn on the flashlights. I’m not sure why they love this activity so much, but they really do.

a to z rainy day activities series


What is your go to activity for kids on rainy days? Be sure to visit Sunny Day Family for Hide and Seek Game Ideas tomorrow. H is the next letter in our A to Z Rainy Day Activities series.

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