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checklist3Have you ever had to take a TB skin test? My husband and I have had more than we can count because of our chosen careers. Every time I’ve had it done I stress out during the wait between the initial injection and the results visit. TB skin tests are time consuming and objective, often resulting in false positives. Until recently, I had no idea there was a better way to get tested for TB. As a mama, I love learning about reliable health care options that can simplify and de-stress our lives.

The TB Blood Test is new and a MAJOR scientific break through over the 110 year old skin test method. It is more accurate and reliable with results in just one visit. Those days of stressing out and obsessively checking the injection site are over. This post is a little outside of my normal scope, but I’m all about simplifying. Read on to find out more about TB, TB testing, and how you can make it a simplified and less stressful experience for your family.

FireShot-Capture-25-The-TB-Blood-Test-http___thetbbloodtest.com_ResourcesYou remember the drill with the old TB skin test right? After receiving the injection, you have to wait a few days and go BACK to the doctor to get it checked. My injection sites always itch, and the double trip to the doctor is just annoying. With the TB Blood Test you will have a 3 ml blood draw and get accurate results in one visit, saving time and stress. While I’ve never had a false positive from the TB skin test, many folks do because it often reacts with previous TB vaccinations. The TB Blood Test gives accurate results with no cross reactions.

I know we will have many more TB tests in our future, and I know it is important. Did you know that around the world 30% of the population is infected with TB?! Someone dies of the disease every 21 seconds, and becomes infected every 3 seconds. Speedy and accurate testing is life saving, and hopefully the TB blood test will be used to help stop the spread of TB around the world. When it is time for someone in your family to get tested, ask for the TB Blood Test.

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