Five Quick and Easy Snack Hacks for Busy Families that are Peanut Butter HappyMy crazy crew is often on the move, so whenever we get ready to leave the house I have to grab a few snacks to keep everyone happy. When my toddler gets hangry (hungry/angry) I need a snack at the ready. Today I’m sharing five quick and easy snack hacks that are perfect for busy families, as well as a great giveaway from Jif. Read on to find healthy snacks for your people (little or big) and share your own ideas in the comments section.

peanut butter dip with apples to go1) Apple + Peanut Butter: Scoop a tablespoon of peanut butter in to a recycled empty peanut butter jar or empty tub. Add apple slices for easy dipping, then screw on the lid to make it portable. My kids LOVE dipping apples in peanut butter.

Keep Jif Bars with you for easy on the go snacks2) Jif Bars: Make everyone in your family peanut butter happy with these peanut butter granola bars from Jif. With lots of protein (7-8 grams per bar!) and a delicious crunch, they give energy without weighing you down. Jif Bars come in three flavors, and we love them all. I love the peanut butter chocolate flavor, and my kids love the creamy peanut butter flavor best. Because my husband loves these so much, the kids call them Daddy Bars. Keep a few in your car or purse to fend off any hanger from your crew.

Jif Bars are an easy protein filled snack on the go3) Carrots + Hummus: Using the same basic idea as #1, scoop a tablespoon of hummus in to a tub or jar. Add baby carrots or carrot sticks for dipping, then put the lid on to make it travel ready. Hummus usually needs to be refrigerated, so this one is more for short treks than all day adventures.

4) Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies: I make this simple recipe for Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies with the kids and use them for snacks and even for a quick breakfast. They are healthy and yummy, and sneak a vegetable in without anyone being the wiser.

graham cracker peanut butter sandwiches5) Peanut Butter + Crackers: This one is so simple, but by far one of the favorites at my house. I make little sandwiches with round crackers spread with peanut butter and bring them along when we go to the park for an easy handheld snack. For a sweet version, I use graham crackers. Add a bit of hazelnut spread with the peanut butter to turn it in to a dessert. My kids think it is a special treat, and you better not tell then any different.

Jif Bars make a great snackGIVEAWAY: What is your favorite quick and easy snack hack?  Share your idea in the comments section below and you’ll be entered to win a prize package from Jif Bars that includes a box of bars in each of the three flavors.  Check my Facebook page and Instagram feed for additional entry options. All winners must reside in the USA and be age 18+.

Jif Bars make a great on the go snack and are peanut butter happy

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