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Love is…

Do you read Ann Voskamp?
You should.  
She has a totally unique voice and daily challenges me to bust out of my normal and be revolutionarily thankful.  Her book, “One Thousand Gifts” is phenomenal and her blog is a great read.  I read it from my inbox, but sometimes skim and miss the point.  A friend sent me today’s entry and I took the time to really read it.  The quote above stuck out to me so much that I made a little printable of it.  I think it will go on my mantle.  Feel free to print it, too.  You can copy it from above or click on the free printables link at the top of the page.    


We have been outside as much as possible because the temps have been in the 60-75 range. I am happiest when outside, and my son is the same. He recently discovered the wonders of grass. Touching it, ripping it out, trying to eat it, a world of possibilities.

Baby Laughter is Magical

If you need a laugh today, enjoy this video of Fisher laughing like crazy at our dog Jackson. He did this for about ten minutes before I started filming. What was Jackson doing that was so funny? Most of the time he was just laying in his bed. I wish I could be so easily entertained.

On the Move

I guess it is time to baby proof. He is 7 months old today and scooting backwards all over the place. I’m sure he will get the forward motion figured out soon and then we will really be in trouble.

Ten Things I Don’t Do

I’ve seen a lot of life lists in various forms around the blog world, and decided to make one of my own.  I’m going in a slightly different direction.  Here for your reading enjoyment is a list of ten things I don’t do.  Were I a famous actress these would all be clauses in my contracts.  
I don’t…
1. keep plants alive
2. iron clothes
3. eat meat that looks like the original animal
4. shower daily
5. text while driving
6. ride ferris wheels
7. watch scary movies
8. enjoy clowns or mascots or costumed theme park characters
9. keep up with the Kardashians
10. wear shorts 
What are a few things you don’t do? 

Fisher at Four Months

Today our boy is five months old, so I’m officially a month behind.  Here he is at four months.  Don’t you just want to squeeze him?  A random lady at the Texas State Fair asked how many tickets it would cost to take a bite of those baby thighs.  I was a bit creeped out, but still flattered.

Fisher is growing and changing and doing new things every day.  He is laughing and really responding to us now.  He discovered his feet and likes to chew on his toes.  He has started soothing himself by sucking on his thumbs and sometimes his whole hand.

At his four month check up he weighed 18.2 pounds, putting him in the 95 percentile for weight.  We’ve come a long way since our breastfeeding crisis at 2 weeks old.  He is still exclusively breastfeeding and I would say it is working pretty well.

His eyes are still blue with hints of grey and green.  As a brown eyed girl married to a blue eyed boy, I hope his eyes stay blue like his daddy’s.

He is losing his soft baby hair and has a wicked mullet developing in the back.  It is still super cute.  New hair is starting to come in on top and I think it looks a lot lighter.  His daddy and I were both blonde as kids (Jed still is) so I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns a lot lighter.

At his check up he measured at 25 1/4 inches long, in the 75 percentile.  He also measured off the charts for cuteness.

He has started really grabbing things this month, so we are having to be more careful.  He likes holding on to his toys and then putting them straight in his mouth.  I bought him an exersaucer (we call it his office) at a consignment sale, and he loves it.  I bring it into the kitchen while I’m cooking and he plays happily.  He is also loving his Bumbo chair right now.  

But mostly he just loves his toes.

Thankful Thursday II

I am reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and it is slowly changing my perspectives on what it means to be thankful every day.  I have started keeping a list of the gifts I’m thankful for both big and small, so that I can take time to really appreciate them.  I plan to share parts of that list with you here on the blog, and hope that you will share some of your gifts with me as well.  When I hear things that others are thankful for, it helps me to see even more gifts in my own life.  What are gifts?  Anything, no matter how small, that blesses your life.  I believe that every gift comes from God, and even if you don’t agree you can still appreciate the good things in your life with thanksgiving.  I usually make a list of things I’m thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday with my Young Life, YoungLives, and WyldLife kids every year.  Reading this book has made me start to do this daily, instead of waiting for the holiday.  I have been so surprised by the joy it has brought me and the increase in contentment with my life.  
Here’s a few things on my list this week:
holding hands with my husband while driving, praying, on the couch, anytime
fundraising and friendraising at the Lakewood Young Life Banquet
pumpkin spice lattes
our house full of YL kids and leaders watching the World Series
What are you thankful for this week?  
Please share.  

Saturday Sweetness

Our boy is changing so much, doing new things daily. We have both been sick this week, and I had 2 big YL events that totally overwhelmed me. It was a beautiful afternoon and we are both feeling better, so we spent sweet time on a blanket in the yard.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for glorious fall weather, my sweet baby’s smiles and giggles, and blanket time outside on a lovely afternoon. I want to take time to be thankful for my life, and all the little things that make it good.  I think it will help my attitude, which has been a bit of a struggle as of late.

Join me.  What are you thankful for today?