why is my dog sitting like a seal on the beach? i have no idea.
he always sits with his paws neatly together, except for this instance.
jed noticed it, and made me take a picture.
jackson is an odd little critter, but we love him.

8 Comments on weiner dog wednesday – the one where jackson imitates a seal

  1. My doggies spread out their back legs when they lie down. They look like tiny white bear rugs. 🙂

    I think it’s bc of the heat in Cancun… that way they get optimal coldness from the tile floor.

  2. Cute dog 🙂
    Great experience with the booth….The first is always the scariest…
    I have always rented….And when i had a house, we left the house before i had the money to do it…Even the house now….The paint on the wall makes a big difference but i bought nothing especially for this house…It is all my old stuff. My experience is to buy things that you love….Keep a book like you do with pictures of how you want your rooms to look like…Than one day when you own your house you can put it all together super fast if you already have the furniture you love.
    Some people will let you paint rentals too…If you are into it…can be fun…

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