Recently, Jed and I went on a little weekend getaway, a baby moon of sorts.  We wanted to keep it close by and frugal, so we went for one night to Glen Rose, a little town southwest of Ft. Worth.  We stayed at a phenomenal bed and breakfast that I’ll tell you about later, and had so much fun wandering around a new town.  We found the Riverhouse Grill just off the main square for lunch, and we so pleased with everything they offered.  The restaurant is family run out of a 100 year old house and features fresh, local, creatively prepared food.  

  Jed picked the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and then went double carb with the mac and cheese au gratin.  He loved all of it, but said the mac and cheese was the best he has ever eaten.  Seriously.  He let me try it and it was out of control good.  I don’t know what they did to it, but it can’t be good for you, and made us both want to lick the dish.

 I had the ultimate ham sandwich with parmesan truffle fries.  Wow.  The sandwich was on fresh whole grain bread with 3 different kinds of cheese, local ham, and fresh apple slices.  The fries had a savory flavor from the truffles that was amazing.

If you are ever in Glen Rose, I highly recommend stopping at the Riverhouse Grill.  I love supporting small town, family run places, and this one is a winner for sure.

What is your favorite off-the-beaten-path restaurant?

3 Comments on Glen Rose Getaway – Dining at the Riverhouse Grill

  1. I recently went through Glen Rose, and I was kicking myself b/c I didn’t get to visit the old downtown area. Now I’m defintily going back! I can’t wait to read more. :O)

  2. The sandwich is calling my name!!!

    I keep hearing about “babymoons” this week! Is this a new thing, or was I just completely unaware before? We haven’t even done our honeymoon yet haha

    Glad ya’ll had a great time

  3. there was this place near conroe called l’bella bistro. it’s defunct now, i think — the signage outside now reads bistro italiano (but then maybe they just changed the name).

    anyway. this place had the best halibut i’ve ever tasted.

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