For folks who knew me back in my wild and crazy shopaholic days, the fact that I live my life debt free with no credit cards and write about frugal living probably comes as a shock.  It’s the real deal though, y’all.  My life changed completely when I came to the realization that if I kept digging holes for myself I would never have the life I wanted.  I was never a saver and always lost at Monopoly because I just had to have those hotels.  Now we live by the Dave Ramsey code of conduct and have a 6 month emergency fund.  Crazy! You can read about our financial story here, and I’m sharing some of my favorite frugal living posts from the last three years with you below in celebration of my three year blogging anniversary.  
Cash Money Honey
We use cash instead of credit cards.
Frugal Pregnancy Tips
Buying a Used Car with CASH
Creating an Emergency Fund
Grocery Shopping at Aldi
It will cut your grocery bill in half, seriously.
The Road to Financial Freedom
Financial Peace University Changed Our Lives
Budget Busting Temptation
How to Save 20% On Your Medical Bills
For real!
Mad Money
This explains how we budget our monthly spending money.
Are you debt free?  If so, how did you get there?  
Share your best frugal living tip in the comments below.

2 Comments on Best of Bare Feet on the Dashboard: Frugal Living Edition

  1. Cute blog name! I think it’s awesome that your family is living debt-free. It is a great thing you can pass on to your kids. My parents always taught us that debt was one of the worst things you could do to yourself, and I remembered those lessons as an adult. It has always helped me make good decisions with money, and I’m always grateful to my parents for being good financial role models – even today!

  2. Good for you! My husband and I have always been conservative and now we can see the benefits:) There is such peace to living more simply… And yay for your 3 year blog anniversary (upcoming). I just reached my one year anniversary last week!

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